Five Guys 48th is Now Open

Just got the official word: the new Five Guys on 48th btw. 5+6th is open for business. We’re guessing it will look like this in 3…2…1… Also of note today (according to the ML Twitter Tracker) Miss Softee is on 44th, Schnitzel is on 46th, Rickshaw is on 52nd, Frites N Meats is on 48th, Jamaican Dutchy is on 51st, and there’s free BBQ in Columbus Circle.


  • There are a lot of people crowded around the entrance waiting for food, but there was actually almost no line to order (at 12:30). Maybe 5-15 minutes to get your food, depending on the order.

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    Same story at 12:45. No wait to order, and 5 minutes to get my bacon cheeseburger. Waits probably longer if you’re getting fries.

  • Five Guys clicking. New 48th St. store seemed crowded at 1:30, but we waited 5 minutes to order, about 5 more to be served and found a seat. My burger all the way was gloppy and delish – 2 thin patties in typical Five Guys style. One small order of the excellent fries was way too much for two of us.

    If they maintain the current compliment of about 20 workers, this will be a great addition to the midtown scene.

    One weakness: the iced tea is terrible – obviously mix-based. C’mon guys that is so lame. But overall grade considering Day 1: A-.

  • after being open a few years, the 55th st location is still a minimum 15 min wait.

  • ps- the scaffolding is down, and signage is up at 44th st Shake Shack !

  • I’ve never seen a place go downhill so fast. Because I wasn’t very hungry yesterday and only had a hot dog, I decided to go back for the proper burger and fries today. The lines were ridiculous and they somehow managed to lose my order in the assembly line. While I waited and waited and then waited for them to re-make it, it seemed like half the people there were in the same boat. They kept grabbing the customers’ receipts to go back and start over. Occasionally they even screwed that up and had to try a third time. I guess everybody who went yesterday told their coworkers and they just pushed it over a critical limit of competence today. Or everyone just quit. It’s stressful enough to stand in the midst of that chaos and screaming while waiting for food, I can’t imagine what it’s like to work there.

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