New Five Guys Powers Through First Real Lunch Service


Clearly Five Guys has learned a few lessons since their debacle of a grand opening on 55th btw. 5+6th a few years ago. Their newest location (on 3rd btw. 43+44th) had their first lunch rush today and passed with flying colors. Despite a line that stretched all the way back to the door for almost 2 hours, the wait times capped at about 25 minutes, with only about a 7 minute wait time between the time you ordered, and the time you got your food.

The unique set up certainly helped, and you get to watch your burger being assembled while you wait (the well oiled machine is quite a site to behold.) It’s refreshing to see a place that clearly thought about how they were going to handle the crush of Midtown Lunchers on opening day… and it’s a good thing because I doubt the line is going to die down anytime soon.


  • It was a sight to be hold and to be feared. When I went with a coworker, we noticed just how stressful it was for all the employees. You heard commands being shouted and orders being mandated. It felt like scenes you would watch about the New York Stock Exchange. Best of luck to the employees.

  • Well, that’s very cool, and all. I mean we blue-crabbers love to see those New Yawk City dollahs rolling into the bank’s coffers in Lorton.

    But, even though I like a good FG’s burger and a bowl of peanuts now and then, would I stand in a line for 25 minutes for a ‘hamburger’?

    Not in THIS lifetime.

    Carry on, please.

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    Grabbed some coworkers and went there to pick up lunch.

    Everyone was satisfied with their burgers. And there were plenty of fries to go around, but the consistency of the fries were not there. Mostly soggy.

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    How did they feel about the groping?

  • Once you have groped a saggy (sorry, I meant, soggy) fry, you will give up ‘groping’ foevah, believe me. Bossman.

    ‘Saggy fries’ is what drives REAL men to golfing on Sunday.

  • Real men don’t play golf!

  • That’s right, massconn72! They eat street meat. With the occasional prepackaged sandwich from walgreens. Big brass ones for taking that bullet.

  • The only composite stick I carry has a clockwise curve to it, and it has KOHO or Christian or CCM written on it. And yes, we eat street meat.

  • Fortunately, the only sticks I carry have ‘Five Stars made by Honma’ written on them. They have served me well, but obviously not as well as Tiger (he has far more mistresses than I).

    But no, I do not eat street meat.


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