Miss Softee: “We Do Not Make $900 a Day!”

CNN’s “Best Jobs” video chronicling a day in the life of a Mister Softee truck sure did make the rounds on the old blogosphere yesterday!  We were slightly suspicious of its awfully rosy portrait of what it’s like to run a Mister Softee truck, and this morning everybody’s favorite Midtown Mister Softee vendor “Miss Softee” checked in to let us know that our suspicions were justified.

I just watched the video and wanted to expand on what she says, plus share a little more detail with the readers because to think that we’re making almost a thousand dollars a day in our pay is a bit absurd and is totally misunderstood!! I think that she gives a decent explanation of the job, including the long hours, the specifics of working for Softee (that they give you a route, a tune, and you have to use all of their product), but the whole ‘making 900 a day’ thing seems like it’s being misunderstood in this report. The TRUCK may pull in $900 on a really GOOD DAY. But, out of that sum, in addition to the truck startup fees (90K) there’s the ongoing costs: the products, the commissary/depot fee, the franchise fee, gas, incurred tickets, as well as any repairs of the truck, so, while $900/day in your pocket sounds great, that’s NOT what is actually going in!!

But wait, there’s more…

Plus, listen to what she says, it’s very weather dependent — when it’s over 90 degrees, no one buys. when it’s below 70 degrees, no one buys. So, that $900/day is only on optimal, prime days where nothing goes wrong and the weather is stunning. When it’s a bad day, you could be making $200-400, and with the expenses, that’s not really ‘making a lot of money’ as she says. I talked to another friend of mine who’s been doing this a lot longer, and the route that this lady drives is a very popular one, so i think that’s really what she’s saying when she ends with, ‘I make a lot of money’. What is clear is that she is clearly one of us drivers who does the job because she loves it and she’s proud of the service that she provides. And for that, I think she’s spot on about the Mister Softee experience!!

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  • Ice cream + champagne room = profit.

  • Thanks for clearing that up before I quit my dayjob!!! I want $900 per day—but not if that includes expenses!

  • making kids and grown-ups happy… priceless

  • what do mister softee truck owners do during winter?
    do they audition for a Law and order role?

  • Whatever ‘Miss Softee’ earns (and it is HER personal business, obviously), it is not enough.

    With a lovely smile such as she has, she could earn much more given the opportunity.

    Carrion, please.

  • Docchuck, do you often seek out opportunities to pay for women with lovely smiles? That’s not very nice to Mrs. Docchuck=====I’m just sayin’……

  • DocChuck is it true that you couldn’t get laid in a whore house full of blind prostitutes if you walked in with a large grocery bag full of $100 U.S. Federal Reserve Notes? I’m just asking because I’ve looked at the pics you’ve posted of the prison nurse “wife” (beached whale type, you understand) with whom you’ve never spawned, LOL.

    What great and insightful wit I bring to the table.

    You know, like The_Ferret has brought to the internet about YOU and the other “Dr.” in the house, ROTFALMAO.

  • Too bad about expenses but who wouldn’t want to make 900 a day? :)

    *buys LOTTO and hopes to win it big*

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