Koryodang Makes a Great Shaved Ice


Today The New York Times shared a few spots around town for shaved ice, and one of them just happens to be in Midtown! Many of you who frequent K-town maybe already know about Koryodang Bakery (on 32nd btw. B’way+5th) for their baked goods (and strawberry shortcake?), but did you know they also serve up a good shaved ice? They offer two kinds, one with fruit and ice cream, another without it (although who would get it without!?) For $6.25 you get a large bowl of shaved ice with ice cream (green tea or red bean), and an assortment of fruits and a couple of mochi bits. It comes together really well and it’s definitely a refreshing summertime option for those of you in lower Midtown who want to forgo froyo.  Thanks New York Times!

Koryodang, 31 West 32nd St (btw. B’way+5th), 212-967-9661


  • If you have never tried potbingsoo before, I highly recommend trying one out.
    I don’t know how good Koryodang makes their version of potbingsoo but if they do it properly, this dessert is one of the most addictive and satisfying desserts you will ever have.
    I personally don’t like my potbingsoo with fruits in it.

  • WOW, I am 68 years old, and I come from generations of folks who landed at Plimoth Plantation, and I have never, NEVER, heard of “potbingsoo with fruits in it.”

    Have I been missing out on something for all of these years? Can someone please explain to me the importance of this ‘delicacy’?

    Carrion, please.

  • one summer, i ate this every day. sometimes twice a day. LOVE the dduk (like mochi) in it. it’s my favorite part.

  • i agree with monstermooch. the mochi is my favorite part, too. not such a fan of ice cream in my bingsoo though. it’s almost too heavy for such a concoction and dulls the crunchiness of the ice. going by the picture, the koryodang bingsoo looks rather mediocre. seems too mushy and muddled up. don’t know of any better alternatives in manhattan though. possibly in flushing?

  • I never had. I guess I’m missing out. D’oh.

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    Go to Flushing Mall for cheaper potbingsoo. Half the price of Koryodang.

  • the place i liked best was on broad ave in pal park, nj. across from rodeo plaza. they used to give me so much dduk. *sniff* so far away…

    • do you remember the name of the place? my parents live in Pal park so i can always go there…i will have another for you. hehe

  • “Doc”, you don’t have so much as a SINGLE, SOLITARY, and/or LONE ancestor who arrived at the shores of the U.S. anywhere near Plymouth Rock. Your ancestral tree consists of German migrants who arrived here at the New Orleans’ port in the late 1800s and early 1900s and English/Scott-Irish migrants who arrived here in the early 1900s all of whom became intermingled by marriage and births – OH YEAH, LEST YOU THINK ANCESTRAL RECORDS FAIL TO DOCUMENT IT, YOU ALSO HAVE JEWISH BLOOD FLOWING THROUGH YOUR VEINS. Now, keep it real doc or folks will Google your “DocChuck” handle or given name of Charles Richard Treuter and arrive at The_Ferret’s blog which thoroughly exposes you and your wife, not to mention BUSTING through your b.s. claims and smokescreens.

    Your welcome, but no thanks were really needed, Chuckeroo.

  • They apparently have the Japanese equivalent of BingSoo at Cafe Zaiya — Uji Miruku Kintoki. I haven’t tried it yet, but I imagine theirs would be good enough. Half green tea shaved ice, half milk shaved ice. Red Bean on bottom. If it’s made right.

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    My ancestors came through Ellis Island. We are all immigrants in this country…even Native Americans who many scientists believe crossed the land bridge from Siberia. Just because your ancestors have been on this continent longer (your claim) than someone else’s does not give you the right to mock someone else’s cuisine or culture.
    You don’t even live in one of the regions this site focuses on so I don’t understand why you are here.

  • chris6sigma, that’s cool that some korea groceries carry it; is that sunny and annie’s place also the place with the pho sandwich? I am surprised to hear that random places carry it because that ice machine is a serious investment.

    koryodang offers, by far, the best shave ice dessert in the entire city; many of those listed in that NYT article don’t come anywhere near as close.

  • elaine, zaiya’s shave ice is really rough and not good at all; tastes as good as the puerto rican shaved ones with the artificial syrup, really crunchy and granular; not smooth at all.

  • gargupie, flushing mall’s shave ice stand (and most of the shave ice in flushing) really pale in comparison. it may be half the price, or 2/3 of it or whatever, but it is so rough in comparison; sugary artifically flavored syrups and fruits, haphazardly shaved fruits and hardly satisfaction. Fire and Ice Land is so-so, Yi Jia on Kissena is not bad, but still, Koryodang kills it. Even beats most of the halo-halo places in woodside.

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    Check out “Bao Bing” at the Fulton Stall Market down by the South Street Seaport. Serving Taiwanese shaved ice.


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