XPL’s New Eggplant on Falafel is a Winner

XPL 48th & 3rd

Ever since Street Meat Palooza 3 I’ve been keeping tabs on the XPL cart on 48th & 3rd, hoping that each day will be the day I finally get to try their chicken masala.  They keep promising, and I keep showing up, only to be told “not today.” So yesterday, after being told once again that they didn’t have the chicken masala, I decided to suck it up and  see what their brand new eggplant and falafel combo is all about.

XPL on 3rd Eggplant Falafel

The eggplant “sauce” comes as a topping for either pita or rice, and you get a good amount which is a plus. I think the eggplant itself is well seasoned then stewed or sauteed until it’s soft, before being mixed into a sauce with some onions and peppers. Since eggplant is a flavor sponge, it ends up adding more complementary seasoning to the falafel. The result is fantastic, taking falafel in pita to a whole other level. I’m not sure if it’s what commenter MWinston had in Isreal, but he looks adorable, so I’ll say yes.

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