XPL on 3rd Will Add Eggplant to Your Falafel (& Chicken Masala Coming Soon?)

XPL 48th & 3rd

As Street Meat Palooza 3 taught us last week, the XPL Halal carts and trucks are similar in name only. When we got word that the 48th & 3rd cart had added Butter Chicken to their menu, I headed over right away- only to be turned down. “It sounded too fatty,” was the answer to why I couldn’t get my butter chicken on. But there is hope, they’re thinking about bringing in Chicken Masala this Friday, with more unusual cart items to come.

Until then, enjoy your falafel with eggplant, it’s the new thing.

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  • You know you’re doing something wrong when the writing on a street meat cart sign makes more sense than your headline.

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    I would have walked great distances for good chicken makhani (butter chicken) from a cart.

  • …aubergene and falafel………sarah’s knickers may well expload. :)

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    I saw they had the butter chicken as well, but didn’t get to try it in time before they took it away :( I did try the eggplant though last Friday – they just added it on to my chicken. It was good, very flavorful and cooked to the point of basically melting in my mouth.

  • What? They said “it sounded to fatty”?

    They broke it out at the end of March/beginning of april. Long story short, I tried the sauce back then on my normal chicen/lamb platter, and it was really good (the butter chicken hadn’t been warmed up by the time i got there).

  • Sounded too fatty? So it’s no longer available? Boo. Forget the eggplant. Chicken marsala!!!!!
    I’d be down for side of saag paneer though.

  • Is it that Mediterranean style marinated, cooked eggplant that I’ve had on my falafel in Israel? If so, I’d be really excited.

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