48th & 3rd XPL No Longer Affiliated With Park Ave. XPL?


Also included in the earlier email from Lunch’er “Sir-Eats-a-Lot” was this bit of news:

“Having been on a Kwik Meal kick for a while, I made a return to my first ML love, the XPL on 48th and 3rd. While catching up with the guys there, I was surprised to find out they aren’t affiliated with truck on Park anymore, and haven’t been so for a year! Apparently they felt the other guys were slipping and weren’t willing to focus on consistency, so they bought out the cart on 3rd. Having no reason to go to the truck on Park, I can’t speak to that, but I’ve always been all about the guys on 3rd, who are super nice and make some serious street meat. This, plus the report on the other Famous Halal guys cart, got me thinking: Why not do a comparison of the branded carts?”

Let’s do it! Their entries in Street Meat Palooza (they came in 2nd) and SMP 2 (they came in 5th) were purchased from the cart on 48th and Park (but they also have a third card on Broadway btw. 53+54th). Anybody notice a difference since the cart on 3rd Ave. made the switch?

XPL Quietly Started Charging for Drinks?


  • Can’t speak for the XPL on park (i’ve definitely seen other xpl’s around town too, maybe in the east side in the 50′s), but I really like the one on 48th and 3rd. Like the commenter said, they’re super nice and they’ll give you falafel/lamb/chicken over rice for 5 bucks.

  • Not sure if it’s affiliated, but I thought I walked by an XPL cart this morning near the WTC PATH Station. I didn’t have time to stop and look at the menu/food in depth, but downtown lunchers may have some reprieve.

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