Is the 7th Ave Offshoot of the Famous Halal Guys Cart Slipping?

New Cart on SW Corner of 53rd & 7th

Ever since the Famous Halal Guys (on 53rd and 6th) opened a third cart (on the SW corner of 53rd & 7th) it has always been the Midtown Lunch position that the food was exactly the same.  Well Lunch’er “Sadia” says that is not the case anymore:

“I used to visit the guys on 53rd and 7th a lot because their food was actually the same as the real famous guys’ food. I like to be believe I am a connoisseur when it comes to halal carts around the city, so I do believe I can tell the famous guys from non famous ones, similar packaging or not. The last two times that I went however there seems to be a different person serving the food and it does not taste the same.”

“The quality of the rice has gone down, and the meat isn’t as good as it used to be. I don’t know if they are no longer affiliated with the famous cart or just the new server isn’t as good at cooking as the old one, but something is very off. Just thought you should know.”

Hmmm… this is troubling. There might have to be an official side by side taste test (a Mini-Palooza if you will.) Anybody been to the cart on 53rd & 7th lately and notice the same thing?

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    I’ve been going there for the past few months and have noticed anything different, but then again I never went to the 53rd and 6th one nearly as much so I can’t really compare.

  • I used to work right there. Shendy’s was my go to cart back then. It’s only a block way.

  • My office is right across the street so I go here often. The problem/difference is that they hired a new guy and he still has to learn the ropes on how to cook everything correctly. I have faith though he will be up to speed in a few weeks and it will go back to normal. I think the original location is a little be fresher because the turn over is so much higher but its not worth waiting in the huge line to get pretty much the same thing. There is never a line at the 7th ave location. Besides the hot sauce keeps me coming back for more not matter what.

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    Actually, I’ve gotta say I prefer the 53rd & 7th cart — obviously, the allure of zero wait time makes it convenient, but the lamb/chicken I get has always been more tender at that location v. 53rd & 6th, where it’s usually a bit dry and overcooked. I know this doesn’t sound very logical, since there should be more turnover (and, therefore, food moving more quickly on/off the grill), but that’s how it’s always been for me.

    Any updates on the kofka? Do we know approximately when it’s available and ready to order/eat, i.e., no wait time needed to prep/cook? 53rd & 7th didn’t have it at all one day, then said it wouldn’t be available until past 1 the next day.

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    I agree with keithbrew. I was there recently and noticed the new guy working there. He seemed a bit unsure of himself, like he was having the kind of feeling of nervousness everyone gets when they are starting a new job. I don’t think the rice quality has gone down, and the food was still the same as always for me. Any issues that other lunchers experienced are probably some hiccups as he adjusts, and I remain confident that he’ll be fine soon, if he’s not already.

    That said, does anyone know for sure if the cart at 53rd and 7th is there on weekends? I have never tried to go on a Saturday and a friend who will be visiting wants to try to go for lunch.

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