Holey Cream’s Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich Can Be Lunch, Right?

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‘Tis the season to eat ice cream and with some sunny and warm weather in the forecast today, might I suggest a slightly out of bound excursion to Holey Cream in Hell’s Kitchen for a donut ice cream sandwich? After all if there’s any day it would be ok to enjoy a doughnut ice cream sandwich for lunch, it’s National Doughnut Day!

I first read about Holey Cream in the forums. They make donuts fresh throughout the day in the style of Dreesen’s bakery on Long Island and sell both Sedutto Ice Cream and Frogurt (the frozen yogurt with a cultish following that’s sold most famously at Bloomingdale’s).

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich from Holey Cream

Doughnut sandwiches can be stuffed with one or two flavors of hard ice cream. I choose Banana Fudge and a Chocolate Fudgy flavor that involved cookie crunchies. Delicious. The doughnut itself wasn’t too sweet and made for a nice base to soak up all the melty ice cream goodness.

Holey Cream Ice Cream and Yogurt Menu

A doughnut sandwich with will run you $4.95 with hard ice cream and $3.25 with soft ice cream, which means if you go the hard ice cream route it is more expensive than the $3.50 doughnut ice cream sandwich from Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint. But for those of us who don’t live in Greenpoint, it’s a lot more convenient and they have many more ice cream and topping (!) options.


If a doughnut plus ice cream isn’t decadent enough, you can order it tricked out with toppings. Holey Cream’s bread and butter is selling their fresh donuts ($1.25) dipped to order in frosting and sprinkles or candy bits or cookie or cereal. The additional toppings are 50 cents each so if you want frosting plus a topping you’re already adding a $1 on top of your donut cost. Being the cheapo that I am, when the lady behind the counter asked if I wanted toppings on my ice cream sandwich, I politely declined. Mama ain’t raised no fool! But apparently, um, she did because according to this site the frosting plus topping is included in the doughnut ice cream sandwich’s purchase price. Doh! I guess I’ll have to make a return visit soon…

Holey Cream, 796 Ninth Ave. (btw. 52nd & 53rd St.), (212) 247-8400


  • Doesn’t hold a candle to the unholy thing that is Grillswith http://theblognut.blogspot.com/2006/12/grillswith.html

    The link isn’t the same as the one I know. The diner line cook would flatten out 2 glazed doughnuts on the flat top grill which would caramelize the glaze then they would put a scoop of vanilla on top…..probably best desert ever….and I usually don’t eat anything like that.

  • it’s a good thing i don’t work near this place…otherwise i would be at least 10 lbs fatter.

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    While many of Holey Cream’s ice cream flavors are purchased from the larger distributors, they do make one flavor that is unique to their store: Hotel Black Bottom Pie. It’s rum-flavored ice cream with chocolate chunks, graham cracker bits, chocolate pie crust, and what I can only assume is pure, distilled euphoria. If you go, you must at least try a sample. It is phenomenal on its own and nothing short of miraculous on a doughnut.

    Go. Eat. Love.

  • WOW! On my wife’s next business trip to NYC, we will stopping by Holey Cream to try that doughnut sandwich.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    DocChuck and Doctor E.

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