101 Best NY Sandwiches Include Some Midtown Surprises

This week’s New York Magazine has a list of the 101 Best Sandwiches in New York City, and while usually these features are just a list of rehashed, “been there, done that” entries, this one has got some great looking Midtown sandwiches we have yet to try. Sure, some ML faves are in there- like the Chacarero Completo from Barros Luco (#97), the Roast pork special at Shorty’s (#85), the Katsu sandwich at Tebaya (#69), the PMB from Sullivan St. Bakery (#53), Banh Mi at Ma Peche (#48), and the Sloppy Bao from Baoguette (#20). But there was also the off our radar Bombay Pav Vada from Sukhadia’s Gokul (#93), the Telera Sandwich from Mangia (#94), Cemita Al Pastor from Tulcingo del Valle (#67), and the Tuna sandwich at Bouchon Bakery (#19). And to finish things off there was highest placing Midtown(ish) sandwich: Duke’s Chicken Churasco from Island Burgers & Shakes at #15.

Agree or disagree, the list should provide at least two weeks worth of lunch ideas for you. See the complete thing here>>


  • But here’s the problem, as I see it.

    Who, I repeat, WHO, at the New Yawk Magazine, knows squat about ‘good sandwiches’?

    The folks there are aboard a sinking ship. Their cubicles are already ankle-deep in water, they are eating tuna fish from cans while the band plays “Nearer my God to Thee”.

    And while the ‘Grey Lady’ slowly slips into the depths of the cold Atlantic waters, the staff continues to blog about sandwiches.

    Carrion, please.

  • ML Team – you left off Le Bernardin’s “Smoked Salmon and Caviar Croque Monsieur” :P

  • i just drooled all over my keyboard…

  • 101 sandwiches = 2 weeks worth of lunch ideas? That would be 55 sandwiches a week (or 11 a day). A little out of my league.

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    The ‘Grey Lady’ is the New York Times, you bozo. Not New York Magazine.

    • You need to do little bit of homework, bozo, because, OBVIOUSLY you didn’t do it while in grade school.

      • It took 2 seconds of asking The Google to confirm that Grey Lady = NYT.

        Perhaps in your advanced age and diminishing mental state, the enormous amount of material in the series of tubes of the interwebz was too much to understand? But then again, why would a genteel southerner of comfortable means read a liberal rag like the NYT?

        Now please read your USA Today and carrion please.

  • Ignorance is easily cured with facts and knowledge. Stupidity, well that’s a whole different matter. And what is side-splittingly amusing is when a moron who suffers from a terminal case of stupidity reinforces his condition with asinine posts intended to insult the intelligence of those who do KNOW and have no need to pretend to be something they are not.

    Here’s a blogsite which serves as an enlightening education for inquiring minds who wonder how a bozo that claims to have such a high “degree” of educational knowledge and is well “studied” can come off as such an imbecile:


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    I can’t vouch for the rest of the above mentioned sandwiches, but the Tuna sandwich at Bouchon Bakery (#19) was awful. Practically inedible. The tuna itself was inoffensive, but they spread this incredibly salty olive tapenade on it which does not work at all with the rest of the flavors.

    Definitely, skip it.

  • I was unimpressed by the Cemita Al Pastor from Tulcingo del Valle. Sorry.

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