Free Schnitzified Proscuitto & Ricotta Balls Alert

And the first item to be schnitzified by the Schnitzel & Things Truck is… proscuitto and ricotta! (They amended the tweet to note that there isn’t actually rice in the fried balls.) They’re parked on 48th and 6th… and we’re guessing these are going to go fast. Godspeed freeloaders. Godspeed.

What Would You Like to See Schnitzified?


  • My stupid company is buying us all stupid free sushi for stupid lunch today. So this put me in a bit of a quandary. Get schnitz and skip the team lunch? That would irritate the boss, which is bad for one’s future ability to pay for lunch. A bigger man than I (in more ways than one) might be able to put away two lunches, but I knew I wasn’t up to that challenge. But special schnitz item.. fried cheesy goodness, and on the day they’re actually nearby.. missing that would be a violation of all the principles I hold dear. So I went with the only plan that seemed to make sense.. grab a free schnitzball and throw a couple bucks in the tip jar.

    It definitely worked. The cheese was just right, melty and delicious. The prosciutto could probably be improved a little, it tasted more like deli ham. If they had chunks of the stuff Papa Perrone puts in his lard bread, it would be off the charts.

  • If any of ya’ll are in Bensonhurst, most of the pork stores have these. The first time I had this was at Sbarro (the original, not the horrible food chain) on 65th and 16th. I last had them a few years ago from B&A on 78th 13th.

  • Hey Adam, ever hit up Lioni’s?

    • I haven’t lived in BH since I was a kid, around 86. I lived in Bay Ridge from 86-03, then I moved to the bronx. My family was out there until about 05 before the last few moved out, but my mom is still in the area (near B&A). It’s shockingly different than when I grew up out there. That said, family holidays are not the same unless we go to Mona Lisa (86th st) for italian bread, prosciutto bread, lard bread, pizza rustica, etc

    • I love Lioni’s there fresh mozzarella is the best I’ve ever had but for fried stuff I usually go to Pastosa on 75th there rice ball rolls are greasy goodness.

  • Anyone try them? I couldn’t make it in time..

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