At Lunch Now: Free Lunch Craziness at Nanoosh

There have been some conflicting reports in the comments about Nanoosh’s free lunch giveaway today. Some have said that they were told the event is invite-only. I walked by to check it out and was flagged over by a guy working the door. As far as I saw, he was inviting anyone walking by to come in and try some out. When I left, the guy at the door said they’d be serving until 3pm.

The line was long, but went by fairly quickly, considering. Check out some scenery and food shots after the jump.

_MG_5272 - Version 2

I had the Hummus Nanoosh platter, which is a swirl of thick, tahini-rich hummus with a small pile of sauteed ground beef, onions and mushrooms in the middle. It all looked pretty small to me, but that hummus is heavier than it looks.

_MG_5252 - Version 2



  • clay, it was only for people invited(bloggers, press, etc.) or people that got the coupons they were handing out at some point.

  • Funky. I didn’t identify myself as a blogger, but they may have seen the camera and figured they might as well let me in. Usually not a problem so close to the Empire State Building.

  • I walked over there at 2:15. A manager-looking dude outside the door turned away someone ahead of me who may have been asking about the free lunch. When I got there, the manager dude said the free lunch special was over, handed me a takeout menu, and said they’d be open tomorrow.

    I couldn’t quite tell, but I thought the manager was telling the guy before me something about how to get a free lunch, and if that manager didn’t give me the same info, then he and the whole operation can f**k off.

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      Exposure! I am the guy who was at the door for Nanoosh and I’d like to clear up the situation just so you know what’s up. We were having an invitation only free lunch, but, for a while, we were letting people in as things started a little slow. Then we got slammed and had to turn people away… even people who had invites. So, we told the invited folks to bring in their invites the next day to redeem their free meal. Sorry you feel like you got mistreated. If you’d like to come back, let’s work it out so I can hook you up with a free meal… only for exposure…. cuz our food IS off the chain!

  • I’ve been following ML for a year or so but this place moved me to write in. My friend got onto the line and called me to meet him. I had the hummus with chicken and it was great! My friend had the Lebane Wrap which was off the chain! Finally a nice place with fresh/organic food at reasonable prices – I could see myself there 2-3 times a week! Very psyched!!

    • *cough*shillsayswhat?*cough*

      • Seriously, damn shillin’!!
        Only psyched feelings today or yesterday should be from it being FREE!
        Wait til you actually PAY to eat it and let’s see what the people have to say.

      • You REALLY need to address that *cough*, Adam.

        Have you considered investing in a package of “Fisherman’s Friend”?

        I mean, some folks say that this product has cured the ‘cough’ of many recent immigrants.

    • I made my shill comment below, but I’d still like to ask, where the expression “off the chain” comes from? I understand it based on context but that was a new one to me!

  • Hey Steak4342, shill much?

  • I was going to write, “Prepare to get flamed.” But too late. I don’t think I have eaten at the same spot 2-3 times a week at all . . . except at my street meat joint.

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    My intern got lunch for herself and me. No invite. She attributes it to her British accent. I got the salad. It was light and healthy. The wraps looked equally, uh, healthy.

  • Shilling? Anyway, I went and PAID FULL PRICE for the chic/peppers salad and it was amazing!

    What a bunch of a-holes on this board.

    So is RAX a shill? Oh, and mughu can eat his street-meat 2-3 time a week but that’s OK? Love it!

    • Your own fault for sounding like you work for them or marketing for them. You signed up out of nowhere and started boasting about their FREE food. Rax has been a long-time member. How are we suppose to know? You could still be a shill. Ha.

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