Go Go Curry Reigning Champ to Qualify Today

Wondering if you could be a serious contender in the Go Go Curry Eating Championship?  Today would be the day to do it.  They’re holding a qualifying round today from 6-8pm, and according to Go Go Curry’s twitter feed the Champion “Gentleman” Joe Manchetti will be qualifying.  It’s your chance to match up head to head!  As of now, only 4 people have qualified… so there’s still a good chance a novice will make it through to the finals.  Could it be you?

Go!Go!Curry Eating Competition Update

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  • Technically they were talking about me. My CE nickname is The Champ. Menchetti did wind up coming to face off with me.
    Here are the current standings…

    Qualifier standings – Menchetti – 41:90, me – 42:31, Paul Arcaria – 1:15:45, @kennyorbrian – 1:25:47

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