Go!Go!Curry Eating Competition Update

Go!Go!Curry’s 2nd Annual Eating Championship has gotten under way and since they didn’t ban professionals from participating it would appear as if once again gastronomic gladiators will bring down some curry catastrophe on the amateurs.  But that shouldn’t discourage you from entering! To try and qualify for the main event (on June 5th) head to Go Go Curry during one of their “qualifying rounds” (there is one tonight at Columbia, or you can go to GGC itself this Sunday from 6-8pm, and then again next Friday from 6-8pm).  The top 5 times will make it to the final.  To see a compete schedule of events, or download the application to compete, go to the Go Go Curry website. (Even if you don’t want to compete it’s worth looking at the application just for the new rules and a reader friendly guide to how to clean your plate- with photos.) Yes boys and girls, this is what your mom means by finishing off your food before you get dessert.

Go Go Curry Launches 2nd Annual Eating Championship
Gentleman Joe Takes the 1st Annual Go Go Curry Eating Championship

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