WSJ Clears Up Schnitztastrophy

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a bit more on last weeks Schnitzel & Things truck dust up with Citigroup. The article clarifies that it was a tenant in the Citigroup building that complained, not Citigroup itself. The complaint was that the truck was “occupying parking spaces.” Stupid. They say they’ll be back in the same spot tomorrow.


  • I work in the citigroup building but i don’t work for citi..and i promise it wasn’t me.

  • We should find out which building tenant complained (public information, right?) and give them the grief they deserve.

    • (And by “we” I mean the crack reporters of the Midtown Lunch Team!)

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        I’d settle for each one of them finding it in themselves to post just one on-topic post ONE day out of the week each. Maybe then there would be some reason to visit ML every day. Better still maybe we’d see less of the out of bounds, desserts, joints with but one item on the menu less than $10, recaps of forum crap, or links to their own off-ML-topic blogs.

  • i can give you a list of every tenant in that building. we can call and harass them until they give in.

  • If they had to move permanently it would be a Schnitzocaust

    I bet the French somehow are involved

  • If I were back in the bible-thumping, jesus-hugging state of Arkansas, I may or may NOT buy into the WSJ opinions.

    But, now that I have moved into a state which is a bit more progressive than the Arkansas readers of the WSJ, please permit us to move on.

    ANYONE who reads the Wall Street Journal does so because it provides a CHEAP source of toilet paper.

    On the other hand, I personally prefer something MUCH more soft and cuddly.

    Carrion. please.

    • ANYONE who reads the Wall Street Journal does so because it provides a CHEAP source of toilet paper.

      Holy shit, I can’t believe i’m in agreement with DocChuck on something. Are you sure this isn’t a DocChuck gimmick account? I mean, I’ve already registered DocChuck14 and DocChuck15 on multiple websites.

    • “ANYONE who reads the Wall Street Journal does so because it provides a CHEAP source of toilet paper.”

      I actually find nothing wrong with this statement. This is like the episode when Homer was actually right about something.

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    The truth of the matter is it has nothing to do with parking spots, it has to do with complaints to the 17pct from brick and mortars about all of the food trucks in the area now, there is no other reason.

  • The other truth of the matter is that the WSJ is the finest periodical money can buy, excepting, maybe, Juggs.

    You haters need to ask yourself how whatever slanted liberal rag you’re reading is better. (Those who favor USA Today need not answer, I know you like the pretty colors)

    • Lately, I have a very hard time distinguishing between USA Today and WSJ. Rupert Murdoch should burn in hell.

    • WSJ is far from being well balanced. Murdoch owned and employs Karl Rove as a contributing writer. Yup, I still stand by my previous statements.

  • I can’t figure out why the Wall Street Journal is interested in this story.

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