Pizza by Cer Te Finally Opening Today

It’s been almost a full year since we first reported that Cer Te (on 56th btw. 5+6th) would be opening Manhattan’s first “green” pizzeria.  And after a whole lot of waiting, the day is finally here… Pizza by Cer Te (on 56th btw. Park+Lex) will open to the public today.  We’re guessing it will be similar to the pizza at Cer Te, but the new spot will have far more choices and some brand new items like socca (a gluten free chick pea flatbread), “bakers” (whatever that is) and a list of sandwiches as well.  Check out the entire menu here.

We’ve never really posted about “preview” parties (it’s never a good representation of what the food will be like for us real folks), but if you just can’t wait any longer to see the inside of the place or photos of free samples of pizza, Chubby Chinese Girl (yes, that Chubby Chinese Girl) went to their friends and family party on Tuesday night and posted her report here. Looks pretty damn good, but we’re more interested in hearing how it is today!  Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments…

Pizza by Cer Te, 132 East 56th (btw. Park+Lex)


  • I have the bianco, godfather and a buffalo artichoke (which I’m not very happy/ mad about!) 1. I ordered a Farmers! 2. I don’t like buffalo sauce unless it’s on my hot wings so maybe a buffalo chicken pizza would be better suited. :)

    Partial FAIL as I clearly said FARMERS to the guy handling the pizzas. It even says on my receipt FARMERS! I didn’t want to walk back now to complain despite being so close and I already took a bite of the slice so I’m not favor of returning eaten good. It looked like you guys stacked the leftover slices on one tray and didn’t clearly mark the Buffalo Artichoke – which is probably how I got the slice by accident!

    Bianco is ok for me but I’m a meat person so the GODFATHER is my slice oF the day! I don’t even favor sicilian type slices but this almost made up for the buffalo artichoke.

    I like that it’;s fresh pizza.
    Please get my FARMERS right next time, Cer Te. :P

  • what’s on the godfather dude? salami, pepperoni, ham..what else. I also need to know if the meat is cook with it or if they throw it on top after (like motoroinio does with the procsuitto pie). work with me man.
    oh and id be pissed to. the farmers is the best (well, next to the bianco)

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    Ok I went back again today. Yes, I know it’s crossing into obsessive territory.

    Today they tried a new ordering system, order at the pizza counter, pay, then go around the side and pick it up. I was encouraged (at first) that they adjusted.

    However, the dudes behind the counter still seemed confused. They seem to have a hard time hearing you over the pizza counter and mostly just stood there looking confused.

    Then we finally were able to pay. There was some angry lady next to us who they were having to sort something out with so it took a while.

    Now for the annoying part. I went with a friend who ordered the Milenese wrap, they pulled my slices off the tray (which is just sitting in the open not under a heat lamp) and put it in a box on the counter while they went and made his wrap. So my pizza sat there, just out of my reach, getting cold. So I politely asked if they could put it in the oven to keep it warm. He put it on top of the oven which I thought might do the job.

    Sadly, when we finally (after about 10 minutes) got my friends wrap, and I got my pizza off the oven top, it was still cold. ugh.

    There was a lot of confusion again today, and of course it’s only day 2 so it’s probably to be expected. But there were a few people waiting for a really long time for orders who looked really pissed off. One lady was waiting for a sandwich when we first got there and was still waiting when we left…

    Now, I am LOVING the flavor on the pizza. But I want it hot! or at least warm. Please please please figure out a way to serve me warm pizza. A heating lamp above the pizza’s would go a long way toward this goal!

    BTW, my friend loved his wrap. The kitchen is doing their job well, once these little organizational issues get worked out I think this place will be killer.

  • “Chiffonade of Cured Salumeria Meats and Cheeses”
    It’s various cured meats (I think you named them and I thought I tasted bacon too but it’s pure PORKY goodness going on) with onions but baked/cooked with it. Not freshly thrown on like Motorino. I like it though. Meat toppings make the silician I guess. :P

    Yea not happy at all about the unwelcomed bufflao artichoke til I started chomping down on this salty meat-lovers slice. It’s good! I wish it was bigger!!Haha.

  • gotcha gotcha….ok, gotta try

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    i love pizza by certe!!! i work close by and their free samples of pizzas draw me to buy their breakfast muffins (delicious blueberry!!!) and pizza (bacon, egg, tomatoes)….!!!!highly recommended!!! and love you guys for being so green!

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