Cer té Opening Green Pizza Place in Former Quizno’s


If you are a big fan of the pizza at Cer té (yes,apparently it’s Cer té not Certe… who knew?) on 55th btw. 5+6th than you will be very excited to hear this news.  The owners of Cer té have taken over the former Quizno’s on 56th Street (btw. Park+Lex) and will be turning it into the city’s first “green” pizzeria.  What does that mean? The building will be LEED-certified, food will be delivered by foot or via hybrid truck, all supplies will be purchased locally, and the pizza boxes, utensils and paper goods will be made from recyclable materials.

But what about the food???

The pizza they currently serve at Cer te is just a sample of what they’ll have at the new pizzeria. They also plan on having a variety of thin crust pizzas, and socca pizzas (which are gluten free) in addition to soups, salads and sandwiches plus a pasta bar.

This could be good… provided it’s not too expensive!  Cer té’s pizza is not cheap… here’s hoping this new place will be able to afford to make it cheaper.  The hope to have it open in early fall of this year.


  • No way it will be cheap. Going ‘green’ costs $$$. Those fancy utensils and local products are more expensive then buying cheap plastic..etc .. by bulk, not to mention the delivery–On Foot? when you are paying people by the hour that extra cost needs to be absorbed by someone.

    Not that I’m pessimistic or anything ;-P hee hee!

    Aloha Friday everyone!!

  • What’s the matter with delivering by “green” bicycles like the majority of NYC restaurants/delis? Makes more sense than “on foot” and is “greener” than a hybrid truck. Morons. I hope they go belly-up fast with their stupid politically-correct gimmicky concept. (Why isn’t there a ‘thumbs-down’ smilie option here?)

  • Whoa, I just saw Mama’s post and realized it’s Friday. Time to start the weekend with a frosty adult beverage. Enjoy, all!

  • Happy Friday!!!

    I’m so down for new pizza in the city but price is always a concern. Good to go green but I think we can all heed Mama’s warning of customers paying for their environmental-friendliness. Oh well. Better than eating food off of cheap styrofoam.

  • Don’t tell me what sort of friday to have.

  • Hello Midtown Lunchers,
    We always read your comments and we appreciate everything that you post. Of course there will be bicycles used; the hybrid truck is for out of borough catering jobs because in addition to our location we will be catering. The most important factor of this endeavor is our local sources of ingredients.

    We are fully aware of the cost of the biodegradable disposables but this will be made up by an energy efficient space and the fact that everything will be made from scratch. The price will be competitive to other pizzerias in midtown and if it’s not we know will hear from you guys.

    We look forward to seeing you there in the fall.

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    this is awesome… i work right around the corner… we need some more places east of park ave.

  • ? No happy? Fine, CRAPPY Friday to the rest..lol

  • Uh-oh. They’re watching us……

  • In the spirit of attaining an absolute zero carbon footprint, might I suggest you also offer customers a biodegradable returnable free trade paper bag in which to return to you their post-lunch Certe dump? You could power your green stoves with it or better yet, create a makeshift humanure compost heap in a nearby green space.

    You could also make a video called ’2 Certes, 1 Cup’ .. but lets not go there

  • Any word on whats taking over the shuttered Quizno’s on 50th between 2nd and 3rd?

  • Harsh Comments. Personally, I dig the fact that Cer Te read midtown lunch, listens to our ideas etc etc. Now, if I could only sell someone on my Different Strokes 2009 remake! Trust Me, it is a grea idea.

  • @Apikoros – I read your Different Strokes remake idea, and I thought it was brilliant.

  • Whatchoo talkin’ about, Willis?

  • Is it true that Profiled Midtown Luncher Jenn will take the role formerly played by Gary Coleman?

  • I am excited! it will be much easier for me to get to this location than the other one. and when I read “green” pizza and saw the photo, I thought it meant that there would be lots of new greens topping the pizzas (basil etc) cer te rules.

  • Susan— I am so excited that ANYONE reads my crappy blog I cannot even tell you!!!! On top of which you call my Diff’rent Strokes idea brilliant? AWESOMES!!! Thanks so much

  • DocChuckles can play Gordon Jump in the “very special episode” where Arnold gets cornholed

  • I love Certes pizzas. They are greasy with burnt cheese on the crusts. They use a lot of “different” toppings. The only pizzas I’ve seen at Certe are sicilian style pan pizzas. I’m really looking forward to this… :)

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    I remember when Certe first rolled their pizza out, I thought it was excellent, and every day the specials were getting better and better. Certe uses fresh mozzarella on all their slices, and its only $2.75 regular/$3.95 special, HOW IS THAT EXPENSIVE? You people work in midtown, stop complaining. You make your food expensive by buying $2.50 vitamin waters, food is not pricey!

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