Cer té Opening Green Pizza Place in Former Quizno’s


If you are a big fan of the pizza at Cer té (yes,apparently it’s Cer té not Certe… who knew?) on 55th btw. 5+6th than you will be very excited to hear this news.  The owners of Cer té have taken over the former Quizno’s on 56th Street (btw. Park+Lex) and will be turning it into the city’s first “green” pizzeria.  What does that mean? The building will be LEED-certified, food will be delivered by foot or via hybrid truck, all supplies will be purchased locally, and the pizza boxes, utensils and paper goods will be made from recyclable materials.

But what about the food???

The pizza they currently serve at Cer te is just a sample of what they’ll have at the new pizzeria. They also plan on having a variety of thin crust pizzas, and socca pizzas (which are gluten free) in addition to soups, salads and sandwiches plus a pasta bar.

This could be good… provided it’s not too expensive!  Cer té’s pizza is not cheap… here’s hoping this new place will be able to afford to make it cheaper.  The hope to have it open in early fall of this year.


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