Flatiron Extra: New “Go Burger” Truck Handing Out Free Burgers

Thanks to Lunch’er “Pigiron” for the photo… If you’re in the Flatiron district, BLT’s new “Go Burger” truck is parked in front of BLT Prime (on 22nd btw. Park+Lex) today handing out free burgers from 1pm until they run out.  According to the New York Times you can plan on seeing this truck at street fairs all over the city selling burgers, hot dogs, and shakes (on Saturday it will be downtown, on Sunday it will be in Hell’s Kitchen). No word yet on whether the new truck plans on operating during the week (or in Midtown), but according to Eater it is the 12th and final step in street trucks becoming uncool. Don’t want to say we called it, but we kind of called it. (Got nothing against free food, though! Flatiron freeloaders, engage- and let us know how the burgers are in the comments.)


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    Ohhhhhhh, I’m jealous!

  • Anyone get a free burger? I don’t want to walk there at 2:30 and find out they’re out. Thanks.

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    The line was extrememly long but it was well worth the wait. BLT has great tasty burgers and even better the fries were awesome. I hope to see them again.

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    line was too long, went to the japanese place around the corner

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    I was on the line at 1pm and while the line was long, it moved fairly quickly. Had a cheeseburger medium, excellent for a free meal, not sure if its worth $7 regularly. There were also fries given away too along side your burger which were actually pretty darn good! Thanks midtownlunch, been lurking here for awhile now and would not have known if it wasn’t for you!

  • Yes, I walked 10 blocks down Park, got there at 2:15 pm, waited 25 min, and got a free burger (no cheese), and fries. The fries were crisp and delicious, though the sample size was fairly small. The burger suffered a little from being carried 10 blocks back to my desk in my pocket (bags were not being given out with free food), but it was still tasty. $7 lunch obtained for free, thanks to Midtown Lunch.

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