Papa Perrone Forces Wafels to 52nd

Got a number of reports about the little “clash” this morning on 55th btw. Park+Mad that was briefly mentioned in the ML twitter tracker post this morning.   From Lunch’er “K”:

“FYI, went to get a waffles at the wafels and dinges truck on 55th street (madison and park) and they look like they are closed down.  Papa Perrones is on the phone yelling at someone and the wafels guy is with him.  Papa Perrones seems to be really upset that they are on his turf.  Hopefully they can work it out and the wafels and dinges truck won’t have to move.”

Thomas from Wafels and Dinges jumped in to explain what happened in the comments…

“Alright, I wouldn’t call it a “clash”, but you could summarize that we didn’t really do our homework on 55th Street, and as a consequence Papa P’s routine got disrupted – so he was right not to be happy. Good news is that we found a nice spot on 52nd betw 3rd and Lex, nice little park area too. We’re ready for Oxford Cafe to start handing out free waffles ;-) – or for the DoH inspectors to show up in the next hour…such is the rumor.”

Clearly this all came about because yesterday was the planned launch date for the Papa Perrone/Treats Truck mash up on 55th.  So why is it good for the Treats Truck but not for Wafels?  Well, as much as it sucks for the waffle loving workers of 55th street, Papa Perrone believes that if there are multiple trucks on 55th Street every day of the week the tenants on that block, who have tolerated one truck, will have a problem if there are suddenly two or three trucks parking there every day. And, since he’s been cultivating that for almost three years now the rest of the vendors should respect his  And nobody knows this better than Thomas… (which is why he so graciously moved.)

What If “Natural Selection” Leads to the End of All Street Food?


  • At least the Wafels truck is close to the same area. Woo hoo!

  • woo, pizza and waffle fight anyone?

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    Papa is a nice guy and when I first saw him on 55th I was happy to have him and I was rooting for him to succeed. But honestly his food is not that good, what he serves is not very interesting or unusual, service at his truck is painfully slow, and he is very unreliable. I don’t see why he is somehow entitled to have no competition on that street just because he has been “cultivating” it. Why shouldn’t the spot go to the guy who has the best product?

    Sorry, Papa, I really am. But maybe the next time your truck breaks down you can tell W&D to take your spot so at least we get a shot at them.

    • I don’t think it’s about competition. In fact, Jon Paul (aka Papa Perrone) told me this morning that he is well aware that having Wafels and Dinges on the street will actually bring more business to his truck.

      He’s just afraid that if all of sudden there are more trucks there every day (treats truck on Monday, wafels on Tuesday, etc) that the businesses will get pissed and kick them all out. And that’s good for nobody…

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        he does have a point about tenants complaining about the trucks, because they may just have the cops there and make sure no trucks park there and that ruins everyone’s business.
        at least no one has started putting down planters to stop trucks from parking there


    • his truck is better than yours.

  • I went out and grabbed a bacon & syrup wafel. Added nutella to it and it was the bomb!!

    They said they will try to be at 52nd & 3rd next tuesday! SCORE one for the belgian waffle lovers near my office. ;P

  • Crazy NYC food cart/truck politics. But unsurpassed reporting of the same right here on ML!

  • I’ve got to pipe in with my allegiance to Papa Perrone. That dude is so nice, his portions are enormous and I, for one, happen to think his food is soulful, obviously handmade and delicious. When it’s cold outside, a plate of homemade meatballs and baked ziti just can’t be beat. It’s one of the only things I miss from that side of town (recently moved offices).

    I’m sure he’d love to have Wafels around, as long as it’s planned and doesn’t cause the uppity building tenants to mess with that block.

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    I love both trucks. I wished building tenants wouldn’t cause such a hassle. Especially considering there is only one deli on that block.

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    I do realize that not everybody is going to enjoy our food and I am sorry you feel that way Andrew. I try my best to get people in and out and even in the winter I had put a heater so people wouldn’t be cold while they wait. I do feel that other trucks will bring more biz to my truck but it will only be time before the people start to complain . When I pulled up he was located in the exact spot that I park for the last three years. I had spoke to Thomas and suggested he park on the corner of 55th near the Duane Reade. Do realize it’s not the delis I worry about there are private clubs on that block and an upscale restaurant. The treat truck came to me several months ago and we have tried it out and it will work but we have to be smart about it. When you put all your energy into building a spot then others come and try to park there it is only a matter of time before someone complains. For example if there is a situation with another truck and the cops feel like kicking us off the block all my hard work to make nice with all the people on the block will be blown up. Zach it was nice to hear from you when your in town stop by. Andrew please come by so I can offer you something that you may like and if there is a line come to the door I can’t make everyone happy ,But I will try. Don’t forget we have Italian Ices can’t go wrong with an ice

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    I work in the building right where JP (Papa Perrone) parks, and I am not sure who is going to complain. The 55th street block is pretty desolate of any brick and mortar food place aside from “Market Cafe” and Aquavit. Aquavit should be used to the foot traffic outside since its located actually further from the curb, and there’s a nice sitting park/area in front of it, and everybody is out there anyway during the summer. I would agree that 3 trucks would be too much but maybe they can get a nice rotation going on between the 3 of them. I for one would like better food options around my building instead of walking over to the chains like Pret and Dishes all the time. JP and Dinges give it a go and see how bad it gets. Just make sure you talk to Halal and Healthy and the Hotdog lady on Madison

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