Treats Truck/Papa Perrone Monday Mashup (Now w/ Schnitzel!)

Remember when the Treats Truck parked next to the Papa Perrone truck (on 55th btw. Park+Mad) a few months back?  They had such a good time they’re making it a permanent Monday thing starting today.  It’s a match made in heaven as far as we’re concerned. (UPDATE: Papa Perrone won’t be out today, but the Treats Truck will still be there! UPDATE #2: According to the ML Twitter Tracker, the Schnitzel & Things Truck is taking Papa Perrone’s spot for the day. Schnitzel + Treats = Happy Lunchers.)


  • The Schnitzel Truck is on 55th between Park and Madison today…so get some Schnitz and Treats!

  • Nice. I’ll try to go to Treats Truck for an afternoon fix then. ;P

    • I had the chicken schnitzel for the 1st time (The burger was my first experience with the truck a few weeks ago). It was alright overall.

      I didn’t see anyone hit up Treats Truck yet. I will head out again to grab a sweet before 3pm. Hope Kim decides to make it in the rotation but then I’m packing on more calories… :P

  • My home made sandwich was thrown to the side in order to try the schnitzel truck, which I have never had before! And it was worth it/

    • Agreed. I walked up from Grand Central to try the truck. Well worth it. They should definitely stay in Midtown East, though I overheard a conversation that they will try again Friday. But who knows, they could have been just gabbing.

  • Kim told me she is seriously considering making it her Monday spot next to Papa Perrone

    • That’s good to know. I thought she’d be back sooner to 55th when people were showing up but took a lil while since last time. Hope she sticks around.

      Chocolate Chunk brownie today and it was good stuff!!

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