Oxford Cafe Fights Street Trucks With Free Food

Oxford Cafe & Rickshow Dumplings E 52nd & Lex

It’s no secret that Midtown brick and mortar businesses don’t like street trucks, and we’ve seen them go to great lengths to chase vendors away.  Obviously we are completely against calling the cops or moving street planters, but how can we be mad about free food!  Yesterday via @aschwartz:

Free dumplings from Oxford Cafe on 52nd and Lex, doing battle with the Rickshaw Truck

It would seem as if the Oxford Cafe is so sick of the Rickshaw Dumpling truck parking in front of their 52nd Street entrance, they decided to get them back by giving away for free the very thing they sell. And apparently it worked. Another lunch’er reported that there was a line down the street for the free dumplings, and the Rickshaw Truck was empty. Ouch.

I think the Street Sweets truck is going to be parked in that spot today… I wonder if Oxford Cafe will be giving out free cookies!


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