Tri Tip Grill More Packed Than KFC?


We haven’t gotten too many reports from the three Midtown KFC locations, but the newly opened Tri Tip Grill in the Rock Center Concourse seems like the place to be today.  From Lunch’er “skainich”

Very tasty sandwich! Although the wait was a bit long, I think we waited 10 minutes in the first line, and then 20 minutes with a beeper. The sandwich was very flavorful, and I think the original sandwich is the way to go. Almost made me forget about how necessary it is for us to get a Chik-fil-A in midtown, almost.

According to Brownie, the line has been out the door most of the day but they’re easing the pain with (delicious) free samples of steak! Lunch’er Richard hit the place up before the lunch rush.  His “big buck with roadhouse onions” is after the jump…


Grilled onions and onion strings!?  Nice.

Tri Tip Grill Menu Revealed; Opening in April


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