Eggs Travaganza Lunch = Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs and Breakfast Burritos From a Cart

Eggs Travaganza menu

Good news, bacon, breakfast, and burrito lovers! As first reported by Lunch’er “Masto”, Eggs Travaganza (on NE corner of 52nd+Park) is now open for lunch til 2PM every weekday. The bacon-wrapped Cholula Dog screamed at us from the computer monitor saying “Pick me, pick me!” so, as a girl who follows her bacon-wrapped heart, I made a beeline for Eggs Travaganza to check it out. More than just bacon after the jump…

Eggs Travaganza Mexican wrap

Holy moly. If I’m gonna have a breakfast burrito for lunch, it better have fried eggs, chorizo, and potatoes wrapped inside, just like this one. For $5, it’s hard to beat, I think.

Eggs Travaganza Cholula Dog

Well, the Cholula Dog tried to give the Mexican wrap a run for its money, but fell a bit short because it was weighed down by bun! The bacon might make it a bit too salty for some, but I can vouch for the superior sausage that was wrapped in it. It’s a damn good hot dog, sharing real estate with refried beans, onions, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, and a touch of spicy green salsa in a loaf of bread.

Still, it was just Day 1 of lunch service when I got there. Maribel and Arturo are open to suggestions on how to improve the menu and to offer what lunch’ers want, so feel free to tell them what you like and dislike! I’m totally going back to try the Cholula Dog again. For $4, it still beats all the other hot dogs in Midtown.

Eggs Travaganza Cart, NE Corner of 52nd and Park


  • Nice. I should go try the cholula dog soon.

    I’ve had the mexican wrap before during breakfast. It’s pretty good but wasn’t filling enough for me. Maybe the potato chips are needed. :P

  • Woah! Cool beans!

    Except I would need waaay more than an hour to get there and back.

  • I saw these pics yesterday… Did anyone else notice that sometimes the pics for a post appear in the flickr pool a day or two early?

    • I think the contributors that have their own blog, upload their pics into their flikr account and link to teh ML flickr at that time (could be a day before or more)

  • How about a Mamacita dog… some red beans and rice packed into big buns that tightly hold a spicy chorizo, with Yucatero flying everywhere and lots of barnyard noises

  • i wanna meet the dude in the green pants.

  • on Tuesday AM I got a breakfast burrito from San Francisco’s own Taqueria Cancun on the way to the airport to fly back to NY. My life will never be the same.

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    Just had the grilled cheese w/chorizo and bacon. Solid, though you might need two of them. Chorizo was extremely tasty and the balance between the cheese and the meat was just right. Great service as well. Made for a perfect Friday lunch.

  • Chorizo + grilled cheese sounds so amazing. In a few weeks I think I’ll finally be able to reach my cholesterol goal.

  • As the ML happy hour writer, I have to say the chorizo & bacon grilled cheese sounds like the PERFECT hangover remedy after Thirsty Thursdays. Just sayin’… not that I would ever… perish the thought….

  • Sarah, was it the Market Street location? I had a breakfast burrito there too (actually 2, and a dinner burrito as well) and it was awesome. I posted about it back here several months back. Why can’t they make burritos like that in NYC?

    • Maybe we should ask our resident New Yawk City expert Cockchug.

    • yup! and i had a lunch burrito on saturday at the location in the mission. Seriously seriously good. One reason I would venture our east coast burritos suffer: lack of access to affordable avocados.

  • I’m always wary of any dish that’s named Montezuma in fear of it’s “revenge” later.

  • FYI, they’re going to do quesadillas today.

  • I tried the Mexicana or whatever they call it. It’s got chorizo in it. It was Eggcelent! I highly recommend it.

  • I had the chicken quesadilla!! Nice, there’s bacon in it!! And two slices on fresh avocado on top for garnish is cool too.

  • went at 1-ish but cart was MIA. nothing about it on twitter but there was a very smug pair of rafiqi’s servants working their flat top.

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    I’ve had the Mexican wrap a few times. I ask them to hold the potatoes and give me extra peppers and onions instead. They are very friendly and accomodating, and I really like the wrap.

    Today I tried the Cholula dog. It is one of my new favorite lunch items in midtown. It is not one but two hot dogs, sliced lengthwise and tossed into a grill-toasted bun along with mayo, salsa, a slathering of refried beans, and some peppers and onions. That already sounded pretty good to me but I was surprised at how well everything comes together. And for $4 with chips included??

    If only we could get good street meat to replace Rafiqi at that corner…

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