Eggs Twitterganza

Lunch is not the only big news at the Eggs Travaganza cart this week (on 52nd and Park), they’re now on twitter! We’ve gone ahead and added them to the ML Twitter Tracker, so you can easily follow their every move.  Speaking of which- Street Sweets and Frites and Meats are on 48th, and Cupcake Stop is on 50th.


  • Cool, I gotta order breakfast from them again.
    And apparently Arturo has a blog too (from his twitter):

  • I had the grilled cheese with bacon, chorizo, tomato and hot sauce for lunch today. It was absolutely delicious. $5 and it comes with chips.

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    I just had the “Three Amigos” sandwich: tuna salad, bacon, lettuce, tomato AND a boiled egg on seven-grain bread, serviced with potato chips. Delicious combo that I had never had, and such a good deal for five bucks! The couple who runs it is also super nice. Me gusta mucho.

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    I had the Mexican combo wrap, hold the home fried potatoes. It was pretty good, and quite a deal at $4, although I could easily eat two of them, or at least 1 1/2. The eggs were nicely fried but not too tough, and the chorizo had some kick to it.

    If I were making it I’d wrap it in a smaller tortilla, because the ratio of tortilla to filling was too high – but maybe that is because I asked him to leave out the potatoes. With the potatoes and tortilla – and a side of potato chips – that’s a little heavy on the starch for a place that is focusing on eggs. Next time I will ask for some extra grilled peppers and onions in place of the potatoes.

    The chips are nice, thick, ridged ones but they had lost some of their crunch to the steam from the piping hot sandwich by the time I got the package back to my office.

    I will definitely go back to try the other wraps. I hope people will keep this guy alive because Rafiqi’s on that same corner is awful.

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