Matsui HR Still Means Free Toppings at Go Go Curry (aka Go Angels!)

topping coupon

Just because Hideki Matsui doesn’t play for the Yankees anymore doesn’t mean Go Go Curry (on 38th btw. 7+8th) plans on ending their hero worship of #55.  In other words, they will still give out free topping coupons on the days following a Matsui homerun- even though he plays for the Angels.  During the off season there was a question as to whether they’d keep the deal in place, but the owner Mr. Miyamori settled things yesterday with this official (and very diplomatic) statement:

“Matsui is like our symbol and he was our inspiration so no matter which baseball team he goes, we keep supporting him. However, I know it is difficult but of course GO GO CURRY’s hometown is New York, so we strongly hope and we would love him to come back to New York Yankees to play!”

And just in time too. The Angels opened their season last night against the Twins, and Matsui homered in the 8th inning. Free topping coupons for everybody!

Go Go Curry Owner Pledges 100% Support to Matsui

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