Go Go Curry Owner Pledges 100% Support to Matsui

When news broke last night that Yankees star Hideki Matsui was headed to the Dodgers Angels, Midtown Lunch’ers took to twitter with the most obvious question… “What will this mean for Go Go Curry!”  The fast food Japanese curry house has always been a shrine to #55, most recently reveling in his World Series MVP honor.  So… what *does* this mean for Go Go Curry?  Can we expect an Echo Park Anaheim branch of GGC to open in the next few months?  The owner, Mr. Miyamori, released a statement this morning:

“Since GO GO CURRY was hoping that Matsui stays with New York Yankees, we are very disappointed. However, no matter where Matsui goes, I know our hero Matsui does a great job and no matter which baseball team he goes, we keep supporting Matsui for 100%.”

But what about the free stuff!

Go Go Curry would always give out free toppings coupons on the days following a Matsui homerun.  Will we need to start rooting for the Dodgers Angels next season?

“Regarding the coupons, which I’m sure midtown lunch people are curious about… we will decide about this by the time the next baseball season starts! So… we will see!!!”

There is still hope.

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    Matsui is actually in talks with the Angels and as of now the deal isn’t finalized.

  • ooops… fixed. Since when did the Angels become the Los Angeles Angels?

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    I think it was around 2005, not sure why but they’re officially the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. If LA is lucky they’ll open up a GOGO there too, just so long as they let us keep ours here.

  • they change their name every year.

    now they are the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

  • What if he can’t keep #55? ich ich curry?

  • Such a sad day to see a Yankee hero like Matsui leave after delivering us fans a title… For those who like curry, I’m sure this hurts more. Thankfully, I do not go near the stuff, so I can solely mourn the loss of my hero….and not my lost food opportunity as well.

  • I’ve been looking for reasonable Yankees fans to ask why you would trade away the guy who just won MVP in the World Series and really, if you look at his performance – yes it was supported by the other players but he really was the one delivering when it REALLY mattered – just… why? But hell, I don’t think I’m allowed to question the Yankees since their management delivered a WS title. :P

  • Renamed Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim from Anaheim Angels from California Angels. The owner felt you bring in more merchandizing dollars if you scrawl LA over something.

    But considering where NY football teams play I wouldn’t judge.

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    Go Go Curry is delicious wherever Godzilla may be!

  • @Yvo: He was certainly the star of the World Series, but he was too expensive for a guy whose knees were shot and therefore couldn’t play the outfield (he only DHed this year). He’d become one-dimensional. The Yankees picked up Curtis Granderson, much younger (not so good with the bat), faster, and a decent center fielder, so they can move Melky to LF and if they keep Damon, along with Swisher there’s your four-man OF rotation.

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