The Yankees Parade May Be Today, But Yesterday the Party Was At Go Go Curry


Go Go Curry (on 38th btw. 7+8th) is as much a Midtown shrine to Hideki Matsui as it is a popular spot for Japanese curry (go means 5 in Japanese, and 55 is Matsui’s number.)  So the day after Godzilla was named MVP of the World Series, it should be no surprise that GGC was a complete madhouse, with lines stretching down the block.  (5 free toppings coupons certainly helped.) CBS2 News filmed a segment, as did Fuji TV, and NHK World News.  Plus the New York Times reported wait times of up to 40 minutes for food, and asked owners what would happen if Matsui left the Yankees (his contract expired at the end of this season.) Their response? Go Go Curry isn’t going anywhere, but if Matsui leaves New York they will probably stop giving away the free topping coupons for all his homeruns.

I think I speak for all Midtown Lunchers when I say the Yanks should give the man whatever he wants!

Go Go Curry Hits a Japanese Curry Grand Slam


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    38th… thats a little bit out of my walking distance for lunch (12 blocks max) and the yankee parade is today so it would take even longer to get back to work, i would waste 2 lunch hours for one lunch

    but if its really good i may have to chance it one day, has anyone else been there?

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    anyone recently i mean…

  • You should give it a try! I went for a second time yesterday (, and it was good and very filling. They are fast too, so you should be able to get in and out in less than an hour. And if you go on the 5th, 15th, or 25th, you also get a coupon for a free topping: ). Enjoy!

  • It’s a good, filling lunch and I’m not even usually a fan of Japanese curry. They advertise delivery, but you can usually walk in and out pretty quickly if it’s not a home run day.

    If you want the full Matsui effect you could stop by a porn shop too. Turns out the guy owns over “Go Go” thousand adult films.

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    I enjoyed their outpost briefly located in the E. Vil., but that closed pretty quickly. I had never tried the midtown location until Saturday night, where at 9:40 pm not only was there no line, but there weren’t any customers at all. A chicken katsu curry plate of “single” size made quite a delicious and large meal.

    Sadly, my favorite Japanese curry place (far out-of-bounds), the JAS Mart on St. Marks, closed their kitchen a while ago, depriving me of much delicious Japanese curry.

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