RIP Subway Location #88134A

Subway on 45th St & 3rd Ave, NYC

On my way to Oms/B the other day (one of my favorite Midtown Lunch spots on 45th St. btw. 3rd+Lex) I noticed an eviction notice plastered on the door of the Subway on 3rd Ave.+45th.  This site is all about finding the alternative to Subway, so clearly I’m not going to miss the foot-long subs I never ate-  however if for some reason this Subway was your go-to spot (I’m not cool enough to say “I pity da fool…” but there you go. I typed it.), maybe this will be just the motivation you need to try far superior sandwiches like Oyster Bar’s Grilled and Sliced Tuna Sandwich with Tomato Salsa or the small but mighty ones at ‘wichcraft!  No word on what will take this Subway’s place, but it would be particularly gratifying to see something good replace it (since it feels like more and more it’s the other way around these days.)


  • Mr. T should endorse Subway. And tough break for the loyal goers to that location.

  • praise the lord…i HATE subway.

  • i had a dream last night that i was forced to eat at subway. scary!

  • i LOVE sandwiches…not from subway…embarrassment to sandwiches everywhere.

    subway isnt terrible out of NYC…they actually make ur sandwich with some effort…not just putting all the jalapenos in one spot…and the worst…when its packed…asking me what kind of bread i want when im like 5 people from the counter…ugh…

  • Subway shouldn’t put sandwich on their menu cuz last time i ordered one, it wasn’t a sandwich.

  • I don’t mind Subway once in a while either. I probably eat it at least once-twice a month. Not sure I’d miss it though if my location closed down. There’s like 3 or more of them near me anyway. ;P

    MmMmMm, salad sandwich!

  • Subway is my guilty pleasure as well. It’s a good way to get a lot of raw veg in the diet… good for a proper B.M.

  • Are we seriously mourning a Subway on this blog?? Seriously?

    This is why I was so annoyed Zack left. I was worried about this sort of thing happening – I started reading this blog to AVOID having to go to Subway.

    • OffB, I don’t think the entry is mourning it. Just informing others that they should seek out their lunch elsewhere like Oyster Bar, now that their Subway is closed. Maybe…just maybe they are free from its evil clutches? I’d rather spend the energy to eat dollar pizza or halal than mourn a Subway.

    • oh gosh, definitely not mourning it. Just noting there’s an empty space on 3rd Ave that will hopefully be filled by something more worthwhile!

      • Oh yeah, anothe rlcoation for pizza cones and korean fried chicken. Heck, fried chicken cones like it was mentioned before. ALong with scoops of mash potatoes and macaroni in it too. LOL.

    • Way to not even read the post before complaining! :-)

      The only thing I’m afraid of is a lot of times landlords will post these eviction notices to scare the tenants into paying up. Old Bridge Deli had one of these posted awhile back, and yet they still reopened.

  • subway has done more damage to London that the bloody Luftwaffe.

  • I haven’t eaten from subway in 7 years. No joke. Last time was 2003. I swore it off. I used to have that stupid card with the stamps, and look forward to my free one. NEVER AGAIN. I think that was around the time I tried Quiznos as well. They both SUCK! And Quiznos was expensive! 13 bucks for a sandwich!!!! I’ll never forget…I had to be restrained from throwing the sandwich right back at the cashier(yes I got the large or whatever)…

    Now it is usually Milano Deli (34th between mad and 5th) or bagel deli (corner of 33rd and madison) if i am going to get a regular sandwich…

  • I work right near by, and I remember a couple months ago some guy was standing outside with notices that they were moving somewhere also near by. I didn’t inquire.

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    actually there has been an East Midtown Subway exodus lately. In the past month, three of the five subways in the three blocks between Third and Lex and 45th and 42nd have gone out of business. the one mentioned above at 3rd and 45th; another on Lex and 44th (next to a recently-opened 99-cent pizza place); and the subway next to the original 99-cent pizza place on 43rd and 3rd. a trend?

    I got a once-every-six-months craving for a subway footlong

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    i actually enjoy subways for their primarily salad sandwiches and the southwest sauce… i go there once a week to make sure i get enough roughage to digest the other stuff i wind up eating because of this site.

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      my spot is on 23rd and 7th… theres one right across the street from me but i think i need the exercise more than just eating a salad sandwich once a week

  • I “quit” subway because I felt ripped off whenever I ate it. I have come to the conclusion that they can do the 5 dollar footlong only b/c they sell lettuce sandwiches….Their “meats” are beyond grade f, yet they are still beyond skimpy in building a sandwich….I got a meatball sub once–and I think the grand total of actual meat used would have been about 2 of my regular–not giant by any means–home made meat balls. If I am going to spend 5 bucks on a sandwich, any generic deli will usually kick its butt since 1) they use boarshead over “subway” meats and 2) they actually put meats on the sandwich. You know why Jared lost so much weight??? Bc lettuce sandwiches have no to low calories!

  • Spydr–you go to Subway at 23rd/7th? For shame! Far better to patronize the Chelsea Papaya on the corner. Better yet, walk a block east and hit up Grand Burrito for awesome real non-chain Mex. Or if you really want a sub, fuggedabout Crapway and hit up Johny’s on 25th. A tasty sub is far better than a foot long turd.

  • Remember that Blimpie that used to serve the spicy “Indian” sandwich with the doritos?

    Now that was something I could get behind.

  • M&M’s white bread sandwiches? Do you microwave them? I can see the nutella on toast, but m+M on non-toasted white bread??? IF that isn’t 420 food, I don’t know what is!!!!

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    Good on their closing. For a chain so ‘dedicated’ to healthy eating, it’s hard to believe how unhealthy, and frankly generic Subway is. Could not touch them after I discovered they make their bread with HFCS.

    Good riddence. Maybe a real sandwich shop will rent the spot.

  • I once saw a very drunk guy eat a 12″ subway sandwich with the works, and then vomit the entire thing and more back up into the plastic baggie it came in. He then tossed it into the middle of West 8th, where a passing cab ran over and exploded it.


  • I’m eating a spicy italian Subway sandwich for lunch, after not wanting to wait on line for goodburger. Even afetr wayne’s story, must finish sandwich…

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