Bon Chon Opening 2nd K-Town Location (Kyochon Open For Dinner, Not Lunch)


So Kyochon finally opened their doors for dinner last night, and they will be open again tonight… but they still aren’t open for lunch and don’t expect to be until Friday (their supposedly official “Grand Opening Day”.)  Of course the way things have been going this week, they could surprise everybody by opening tomorrow for lunch or it might be 3 weeks from now!  Either way, they said you might want to call first on Friday just to be safe.  But the fact that they’re open for dinner is a good sign.  In related news, Eater just reported that Bon Chon will be opening another Midtown location on the very same block, in the old Caprese Cafe space.  (I guess they’re not content having a location just a few blocks away.) Could this get any crazier?!?


  • let the korean fried chicken wars begin! (now that pinkberry has disputedly won the fro-yo battle over red mango).

    some may also not know about the previous bread wars between Koryodang and the now-defunct Pariko in the early 2000s. Koryodang remains.

    this civil war may just never end. would 5th Ave be considered the DMZ?

  • I still like Red Mango and it’s still standing!

    Let’s see if how well KyoChon fares…

  • I am boycotting.

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    Yeah, just saw the sign for Bon Chon at the now-defunct Caprese space (next to the Papaya Dog on the corner). Mad for Chicken, Kyochon and Bon Chon all in the same block. Buck-up arteries, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  • There should definitely be a face-off of the korean fried chickens in Midtown as a ML entry. Who’s going to sacrifice their internal organs this time?

    • i’d do it! SMO – i know you would join me… along with a slew of others. :)

      • Sweet! The pig wants fried chicken overload. ;)
        Yea, I would be down for it and certainly others too. I have not eaten at Bon Chon, KyoChon or Mad for Chicken before so hopefully my palate will be unbias. I have only eaten at UFO in Queens and a no-name place near me for korean fried chicken.

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    Korean fried chicken has always seemed like an odd choice for the midtown lunch crowd. It is meant to be had with beer and friends. 1 hour lunch breaks for most “minions” will be a tough sell.

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    i didnt notice the caprese cafe change in signs but there were a few things i noticed as i walked by at around 6:15

    kyonchon had about 30 people waiting outside (only 10 formed a line) while the doors were still closed and a video camera crew were inside walking up and down the steps getting shots

    pizzacone had no line at all, and there were only like 4 people inside

    jamba juice put up a sign to partially cover up the K!pizzacone sign so people walking up 5th will see the jamba sign and not the K! sign

  • I’m so thankful that I work around the corner from all this. My arteries though…not so much.

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    Broke down and got some (soy-garlic) wings tonight from Kyochon. They’re definitely tasty, but they were small. Come to think of it, they were just about the smallest wings I can recall eating. While further testing is definitely in the works, I’d have to say I prefer the larger wings from Mad for Chicken – something about the meat-to-crust ratio that makes them a bit more succulent and satisfying. By the way, Korean fried chicken must be dipped in gold or something because the value equation is really out of wack here. I mean, they’re just wings for pete’s sake. Add to the equation that Kyochon’s wings are small and you realize you’re paying a tidy sum for those delicious little flappers. That said, I’ve got to feed my Korean fried chicken habit like a junkie needs crack, so they’ve got me at any price. If you want to avoid my lowly state, stay away from the free samples they’re handing out on the sidewalk. As Chris Rock says, “They getcha on the comeback.” Can’t wait to try BonChon.

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    It is open for lunch, but they need to get their act together. Waited 45 minutes for lunch, they finally gave me a refund without any food. Multiple customers walking out with refunds. They did not appear to be ready for lunch. Maybe I’ll try again in a few months.

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    I didn’t have as much trouble today. Went in for a late lunch at around 2 and waited maybe 10 minutes for my food. Wings were excellent although I wish they were a bit spicier.

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