Word of Mouth Calls 39th St. “Little Chengdu”

Peter Cherches  hit up Lan Sheng the other day, and was so impressed he has dubbed 39th Street (btw. 5+6th) “Little Chengdu”.  He didn’t think their cumin lamb was as good as Szechuan Gourmet, or their Gui Zhou chicken was as good as Grand Sichuan. And his negative description of their dan dan nodles sounds nothing like the delicious version we wrote about back in January.  But he did think their duck was almost as good as Wu Liang Ye, and had loads of good things to say about their seafood.  Read his full review here>>

Lan Sheng’s Awesomeness Will Hopefully Force Szechuan Gourmet to Stay Good

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  • I went there for lunch on Monday. I thought it was amazing. The dan dan noodles that I had were flat out the best thing I’ve ever had in a Chinese restaurant.

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