El Rey Del Sabor Parks on Park

At the end of last month El Rey del Sabor (which operates three Mexican street carts in Midtown) moved one of their carts from 49th and 3rd to Broadway.  Well, that spot didn’t work out and they’ve now moved the cart to Park Ave. and 49th Street.  So, if you work in the area and want them to stay you might want to go out and support!


  • What’s one item I must try from this cart?

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    Chorizo tacos. Get 3, they’re small. The green sauce is excellent.

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    I heart el rey del sabor. Much better than chipotle. Much better variety. Empanadas, flautas, tacos, tamales, it’s all good. Don’t try the red sauce unless you want to cry. It’s like the blazin at buffalo wild wings. They need to make a cuchifrito around 40′s and Lex.

  • @mkim – You can’t go wrong with the tacos… I like the tongue tacos

  • get the tongue tacos…mmmmm

    p.s. this move broke a distance tie for me and now I have to go to the 60th st one.

  • So i will get one tongue taco and one chorizo taco. =)

  • The spicy pork is also pretty incredible. I love these guys!

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    My old standby – 3 spicy pork tacos w/ red sauce – hits the spot. The red sauce imparts a nice flavor and isn’t one of those crazy hot sauces that keep you from tasting you the food. If you don’t like raw onion (like me) you can ask to have them grilled w/ the spicy pork.

  • Damnit! This sucks! I’ve been there twice on broadway, and I started taking coworkers there to get them more business but they weren’t there. I assumed it was the weather.

    Also – Am I the only one who think tongue smells like catfood? I can just barely tolerate it on their tacos thanks to the spice.

    mkim, I’ve been told the vegeterian quesadilla is great. I think it’s made with squash blossom’s or something.

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    How much will 3 tacos run? Come with rice?

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