El Rey Del Sabor Moving 49th St. Cart to B’way

Lunch’er “Chris” checked in yesterday with this tidbit of info: “Was walking home and noticed a cart on NW corner of Broadway/49th. Never seen one there so I took a look and was excited to see it was an El Rey Del Sabor cart. Haven’t gotten to try them yet but you always rave about them. Any idea if it is permanent o


  • The one on 3rd and 49th? It’s moving? That is sucky news for me.

  • Spoke to the guy today (lengua tacos! hooray!). He said this cart is moved permanently here from, yes, the 49th/3rd location, but they’re trying to fix up another cart to reestablish that corner. Meantime… these tacos are a mess, in a very good way.

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