More on Oaxaca Grill and Izakaya Moku

The Village Voice seems to be in Midtown a lot these days… on Tuesday Robert Sietsema posted a not terrible review of Oaxaca Grill (even though “there’s zero Oaxacan about the menu”), and in yesterday’s issue of the paper Sarah DiGregorio reviewed the newly opened Izakaya Moku on 32nd btw. B’way+5th.  From her review you don’t really get a sense of what the place might be like for lunch, but it sounds like the food is pretty good.

Izakaya Moku Continues the Japanification of Koreatown
First Look: Oaxaca Mexican Grill (A More Americanized Chipotle!?)


  • I can’t seem get a comment field on Sietsema’s Oaxaca review, so I’ll say it here. I think they DO charge for guac, at least when I was there it seemed that way. And his burrito look way bigger than mine.

  • Mama…don’t fret… burritos always look bigger when they’re on someone else.

    But good thing you have small hands

  • Check out the chowhound thread on Moku:

    It’s getting a little heated with Sarah Digregorio.

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    Hi! I am the Marketing Director at Oaxaca, based on all of the feedback we have receive we have made many changes over the past week. Those include increasing the size of our burritos, adding more flavor and spices to the meats and salsas, brown rice, whole wheat tortillas and 99 cents for guacamole. All feedback is greatly appreciated as we aim to please!

  • One of the changes in the last week based on feedback was to START charging for guac? Starting to feel happy that I couldn’t find free burrito coupon guy.

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