Izakaya Moku Continues the Japanification of Koreatown


Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of new Japanese spots popping up in Koreatown?  Haru Hana opened a month ago on 32nd btw. B’way+5th serving ramen, udon, sushi, and katsu- and now Izakaya Moku has opened on the same block.  Fork in the Road filed an early look at this new place, praising the yakitori and okonomiyaki- but the exciting news is that unlike most Izakaya (which are after work places that don’t tend to open until after 5pm) this place is open for lunch.  Plus they’re offering 20% off their lunch menu through the end of Feburary.

Check out the lunch menu after the jump…

seaweed tofu salad 8.95
seaweed mixed w/ touch of fish roe & tofu w/ citrus seasoned soy sauce

chive tonkatsu salad 9.95
fried pork cutlet salad topped w/ chive, onion,
green pepper, chopped peanut & house vinaigrette sauce

squid karaage ball 8.95
fried squid leg ball w/ mixed vegetables

miso ramen 8.95
miso based ramen w/ roasted pork, boiled egg, scallions & green bean sprout

tonkotsu ramen 8.95
pork based ramen w/ roasted pork, boiled egg,
scallions & green bean sprout

yubu udon 7.95
fried bean curd udon

tempura udon 翕 9.95
udon w/ assorted tempura

Yuan yaki chicken bowl 9.95
grilled marinated chicken w/ balsamic vinegar,sliced green pepper, yuzu,
scallion over rice

moku hwedupbap 14.95
assorted sashimi w/ vegetables over rice
(served w/ vinegar and red pepper paste)

budae tang 12.95
spicy soup w/ sausage, vegetable, bean, minced pork & kimchi

chukune oden tang 12.95
chicken meatballs & assorted fish cakes in house broth

yakisoba 10.95
sauteed noodles with pork, chive & vegetables

tonkatsu 9.95
fried pork cutlet

chicken katsu 9.95
fried chicken cutlet

curry tonkatsu 10.95
curry w/ fried pork cutlet

curry chicken katsu 10.95
curry w/ fried chicken cutlet

beef curry over rice 10.95

omu bokum bap 8.95
beef & vegetable fried rice wrapped in an omelette

butamoyasi 11.95
sauteed pork & green bean sprout, chive in oyster sauce

add onigiri (rice ball) to your lunch for just $2 more…
spicy cod rice ball
spicy tuna rice ball
tuna rice ball

Izakaya Moku, 10 W. 32nd St (btw. B’way+5th), 2nd Fl., 212.736.3232


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