Haru Hana Brings Japanese to K-Town

Just before the new year Time Out New York reported that a new Japanese restaurant called Haru Hana had opened on the main strip in Koreatown (on 32nd btw. B’way+5th), serving up “sushi, yakitori and hot pots”. They also have udon, ramen, and katsu, plus a lunch menu in which most of the items are under $10. Ultraclay gets the first taste, and seemed to enjoy his eel over rice and yakitori- although he noted how unusual it is to see a Japanese restaurant in Midtown that does everything, rather than focus on doing one thing well.

Check out the lunch menu after the jump…

Haru Hana Special – 11.5
Vegetable Katsu – 9.5
Pork Tenderloin Fillet Katsu – 10.5
Pork Loin Katsu – 9.5
Chickn Katsu – 8.5
Mozzarella fillet Katsu – 10.5
Kimchi & Cheese Pork Katsu – 10.5
Fish Katsu – 8.5
Tuna Roll – 8.5
Broiled Eel Roll – 9.5
California Roll – 7.5
Salmon Roll – 8.5
Vegetable Roll – 7.5
Haruhana Udon – 8
Seafood Udon – 9
Kimchi Udon – 8.5
Spicy Stir Fried Seafood Udon – 9
Fried Shrimp Udon – 9.5
Roast Eel Over Rice – 9.5
Katsu Cheese Nabe – 9.5
Sushi (8pc) 10.5
Pork & Vegetable Ramen – 8.5
Vegetable Ramen – 8.5
Soy Sauce Ramen – 8.5
Soy Bean Sauce Ramen – 8.5
Curry Sauce Ramen – 8.5
Sashimi & Vegetables over Rice – 8.5
Zaru Soba – 7.5
Tempura Zaru Soba – 10.5

Haru Hana, 28 W. 32nd St. (btw. B’way+5th), 212-736-5393


  • I have a cousin who works on 32nd street who knows people in restaurant industries said that this new japanese restaurant is owned by the owner of Shanghai moon restaurant. which explains why there is a Japanese restaurant on 32nd street.

  • @mkim – It does?! Shanghai Mong is Korean/Chinese. That explains nothing! :-)

  • It’s owned by Korean or Chinese korean or Korean Chinese American but not by Japanese.

  • The menu is too “all over the place” to be good.

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    Since most non-Japanese owned Japanese restaurants just don’t do the job well, I will likely stay away from this place.

  • i’m down to try some katsu. the best pork katsu i ever had was in korea so i’m game!

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    meh, hugely disappointing. ordered the veg pork ramen to go (last time i order noodles to go…way too much packaging!).

    completely void of vegetables, unless you count the tiny ramekin of koktogi (radish kimchi). and completely void of flavor. plus there were only 3 dried out slices of pork and half a yolkless egg. wtf.

    All this for $9. :( :( :( :(

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    Went today. My soy sauce ramen was quite tasty – not much other than a couple hunks of pork and a few leaves in there, but the broth was great and the noodles perfect. Friend was happy with his seafood ramen, and other friend had a tuna roll that was overpriced but not as much as you’d think at $8.50, 8 big pieces with some side stuff. THe soups came with radish (?) kimchi as well as two pieces of a maki roll (forgot what – either Cali or vegetable). For $8.50, satisfactory.

    They had some chirashi-like dish that I saw being served to two different people – looked like some fish and some veg over rice in a bowl that could be a salad bowl. As in, the kind you bring a whole salad to a table in, not the kind you serve to one person – it was huge. If that’s the Sashimi and Vegetables over Rice, I will be a happy man.

    For the extra dollar over other noodle soups or other blah bentos in the area, it is a no brainer. If I were still working up by Menchanko, then that would be one thing, but this is the Penn Station Wasteland, remember. I’ll definitely be back. I may even be back tomorrow.

  • It’s def worth the price!

    Katsu set consists of katsu, salad, a bowl of rice, miso soup, curry, and side dishes, and it’s only $9.95 all together! Isn’t it awesome?

    Anyway, their katsu was amazingly crispy and juicy, and the portion was just good enough for me. Fried shrimp Udon and Katsu cheese nabe are great, too!

    Don’t hesitate, just go and give it a try. Then you’ll figure it out.

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