Free Burrito Alert?

They rescinded their online coupon, but according to The Wandering Eater Oaxaca Grill (on 47th btw Park+Lex) is handing out free burrito coupons in Grand Central right now. UPDATE: They also will be handing out free burrito coupons during lunch time on Lexington.


  • Not sure where on Lex? I walked over to score a freebie, and couldn’t find anyone. Walked around the block to check out Park as well. Unless they closed up early?

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    They’re still handing them out- look for people carrying/wearing big white balloons. I just got one about 10 minutes ago on Lexington near 41st and they were also setting up a little station on Lex and 46th. Obviously I went with the filet mignon burrito- report to follow.

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    Well that was certainly better than Chipotle. I basically agree with Sietsema’s review. Nothing outstanding, but better flavors- the cheese isn’t as overwhelmingly salty and the rice lost the annoying lime notes. I could see this replacing Chipotle as my go-to joint when I need over a pound of food. I did get excited for cricket and mealworm tacos when I first heard “Oaxaca” though.

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