Oaxaca Grill Rescinds Free Burrito Offer

Photo courtesy of @NYCDailyDeals

Lunch’er Michael just checked in earlier today to us know that Oaxaca Grill (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) has stopped accepting those free burrito coupons we posted about last week: “Just went to Oaxaca for a free burrito with the online coupon (for the 5th time) and they are not accepting them anymore. I guess they learned not to post a coupon online that is good until the end of March. Back to Chipotle I go.” 5th time!?! Nicely done sir…


  • Damn, 5 times! I didn’t even go in for 1. HAHAHA.
    Oaxaca clearly doesn’t know Midtown Lunchers. No reason to try them now…

  • i gotta applaud Michael for utilizing the system in a very rational way. That’s probably why when there’s a free giveaway, Pret lets to hand out those coupons the morning of. Ah… free food… guess they realized no one was buying anymore. haha

  • Damn, I was going to put down my email joe_schlebuttnik@fatslob.com It’s really a pity that they will not be able to market their products to me in the future.

  • damn freeloaders!

  • Well, that frickin’ does it.

    I dug my car out of a 6-foot snowdrift today just so I could drive to New Yawk City to use my internet coupon for a free burrito at the Oaxaca Grill.

    And, now the jerks won’t accept my coupon? WTF???

    No problem, another 20 inches (that’s the equivalent of 10 Oaxaca Grill free burritos, or approximately 10 New Yawk City male appendages) of snow tomorrow.

    Carry on, please.

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    ” I gotta applaud Michael for utilizing the system in a very rational way. That’s probably why when there’s a free giveaway,”

    …..they rescind it?

    Are you related to adam?

    When the synapses begin functioning again ask yourself if abuses like that aren’t the cause for limiting the offer. In other words people with a sense of exaggerated entitlement taking advantage ruin it for those who play by the rules and actually wanted a taste as the merchant intended.

    Yeah, it’s akin for the whole class getting detention because the idiot who shot the spitball won’t ‘fess up but it’s a business and you can’t blame them for wanting to protect themselves from hogs taking advantage.

  • Im not sure I’m on board with the spitball analogy, since it’s unclear any rules were actually broken. And I doubt it’d help if this Michael went in and confessed something. It’s been about a decade since I took Game Theory but it seems more like the Tragedy of the Commons to me. Or as Economist may rename it, the Oprah Free Grilled Chicken Problem. Definitely non-burrito optimal.

    Oh, pareto optimal jokes….

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      The coupon says, “LIMIT ONE PER GUEST.” If Michael was on his 5th trip, he was well past that limit. Rule, broken; offer, rescinded.

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