Free Burrito Alert

The burrito deals just keep on coming today… It didn’t sound like Mamacita loved the newly opened Oaxaca Grill (on 47th btw. Park+Lex), but what better way to see for yourself than with a free burrito. It looks like you can print out a free burrito coupon on their website, good from now through March. [via Eater]


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    Groupons has two Baja Fresh burritos for $8 dollars today.

  • coupon worked! HUGE burrito. not like the one from the other pics posted the otehr day. pretty good burrito, especially since it’s free. One thing i wish they had was the little crunchies that qdoba puts on the burrito, to give it more texture.

    also, the tortilla is better than qdoba in that it’s not steamed. at qdoba, they steam it, and then the tortilla gets stuck in your teeth. not so much at oaxaca.

    FYI – no line at 11:50AM. not sure about now.

  • forgot to add that the filet mignon was pretty tender too. thanks oaxaca!

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    Gotta agree, the filet mignon burrito was great… especially for free. Don’t know if I’d pay for it on a consistent basis, though.

    Semi-related, Qdoba has a promo running these days where you play a Mash style game and can win either a free drink, 50% off, or a free entree. Not a bad deal.

  • Yum! Free Burrito! Now I’m never going to turn down anything that is free and involves avocado, but I must say– my black beans were a little… al dente. But, for $0 I’ll deal. I hope you guys printed out your coupons while you could– I just went to send the link to some friends who work in the area and it looks like they’ve taken the coupon down! Alas… But Oaxaca, I would like to thank you for feeding me the day before payday when I have no dollars in my bank account.

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