Who Wants Lunch at NBC’s Fancy Food Cart? We’ve Got Tix For One Lucky Lunch’er

You still have a couple of more days to win a lunch from NBC’s food truck, which will visit undisclosed locations on Monday Feburary 8th with Chefs Daniel Boulud, Alain Ducasse, Michael White, and Paul Liebrandt in tow.  But there have been some complaints in the comments about the difficulty of the quiz… so we managed to snag a pair of passes for one lucky Midtown Lunch’er. The locations haven’t been released yet, but the passes will be for the lunchtime slot (Noon to 2pm).  And we’ll make it easy for you to boot.  Just post a comment below explaining why you should be the one who gets passes, and you’re entered to win.  A winner will be drawn at random tomorrow (Friday) at 3pm.  Limit one entry per person.  Good luck!

Less Than 1 Week Until Boulud Truck Hits the Streets


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    I should win because I think the whole thing is stupid.

    And if I do win, and I find my mug in front of a camera somehow, I’m going to find a way to work in a shoutout to a real cart man, Carnegie John.

  • I should win because there is not reason I shouldn’t win.

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    I believe I should win because lunch is the only meal I get to eat alone without my son’s chubby hands reaching into/onto my bowl/plate.

  • i should win bc i’ve been relegated to eating lunch in LIC for the past few months, and the options here are AWFUL

  • I <3 Pork Belly, and to put it on a Burger?? It will be epic, and having it handed to you by Boulud, Ducasse, White or Liebrandt would just be the icing on the cake. This is MadNess! THIS IS MIDTOWN LUNCH!!!

  • I should win because I not only work in midtown, but I also live here.

  • I should win.

  • My wife and I just had our first baby and the little guy starts to cry every time we try to sit down for a meal. His timing is impeccable in that respect. And of course, he’s only 5 weeks old, so we pretty much can’t do the baby sitter thing just yet. So, I should win because I really appreciate good food (including street food) but cannot go out for nice meals any more due to the bambino. What makes this contest such a great opportunity for my wife and I is the fact that it would give us a chance to eat some amazing food again because we could certainly put the little man in the stroller while we indulge. Also, I tried answering the questions but they’re WAY TOO HARD!

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    I should win because the email you get when you lose is really annoying.

    From: NBC New York
    Subject: ACCESS DENIED.
    Message: You were not one of the first twenty to pass the test. It will reopen tomorrow at 11am.

    I poop on that email. WTF?! Since when do you have to be one of the first 20 in a contest that runs 5 hours per day? That’d be useful information beforehand–why even bother logging in after 11:15? Entering the contest was a waste of time and to add insult to injury, I get that email Sunday afternoon. C’mon NBC, I’d rather get the message under the cap when you don’t win a free Dr. Pepper–”Thank you enjoy Dr. Pepper!” I don’t know why this has enraged me so, but my panties are definitely still in a wad.

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    Why should I win? Because (a) I work in midtown, for (b) a dying industry, which means I’m (c) massively stressed out and (d) in need of a treat.

  • I deserve to win because I have been randomly chosen to be a winner.

  • I should win because I like lunch. I mean, I really like lunch – a lot.

  • I should win because I’ve been trying everyday at 11am on the dot and still can’t get the ACCESS GRANTED email.

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    I should win because I love food. And I am extremely good looking. Good for the Cameras.

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    I just met an incredible girl a few weeks ago. Tall, Brunette, looks amazing in everything she wears and even loves the HBO show East Bound and Down. I think she may be the one even though we’ve only known each other for less than 4 weeks. She loves everything food but never goes out of her way to try street carts or attend events like choice eats. Though when I dragged her to a dingy restaurant in Chinatown for pork knuckle she loved me for it. I’m at the point where I want to ask her to be my girlfriend, but I feel like she might say no if I don’t do this thing right. If I could surprise her with a ticket to the NBC food cart and ask her while we were chowing down on some seriously delicious street food I feel like this relationship could really get off on the right foot. Please find it in your heart to help me on this endeavor, this girl is worth it trust me…

    Sincerely yours,

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    Because I am on a quest to eat the best burger in midtown

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    I promise to watch the tonight show at least once if I win

  • I should get a pass because I am running out of bedtime stories to tell my kids at night. Just think of how well my 3 and 5 year old girls will sleep dreaming of the Pork-Belly topped burger I will tell them about!

  • I deserve to win because I love street foods and will likely take another MLer with me when I win tickets for this event.

    And I don’t really care about the chefs themselves but a food truck peaks my interest.

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