Less Than 1 Week Until Boulud Truck Hits the Streets

Less than a week to go before Daniel Boulud, Paul Liebrandt, Michael White, and Alain Ducasse hit the streets of New York in a food truck, and NBC is now running a slick ad promoting the whole thing. (Thanks to Lunch’er Robert for passing that along.) It doesn’t give you any of the extra info (like the fact that the truck will be parked on 49th and 5thand that it will be serving a burger topped with pork belly!)┬ábut it’s still fun to watch. Kind of got us excited… until we remembered that only 500 people are being served and you have to win your way in.

Boulud Truck is Not Open to Everybody
Daniel Boulud to Hit the Streets in a Food Truck


  • I have lived in this city for 26 non-consectutive years, and this is impossible. You can’t even see the right hand side of some of the choices. Which Ray’s pizza? Really?

  • RE: “… only 500 people are being served and you have to win your way in.”


    Be still my beating heart!

    I would swap my kingdom for a chance to be served at the Boulud Truck.

    Yes, indeedy.

  • I was born and raised here and also think the test is ridiculously difficult. They change the test questions from week to week so even if I do figure it out, it doesn’t help for the next week. Gah!

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    My co-worker won and said she’ll take me ’cause I told her about the contest. They are damn hard.

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    i know which Rays, but I can’t get the theater or arch in central park.

  • i must have gotten lucky the first week as i had to guess on most of the second week. my “access granted” e-mail suggests that there will be four different locations, so it looks to me like each chef will have his own truck. after all, serving 500 people from one truck would be an unwieldy proposition. anyone else come to the same conclusion?

  • This is yet another stupid, overhyped promotion. I hope the powers that be realize how lame it is and stop it from proliferating. (Look what happened with ‘reality tv’ as a cautionary note.)

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    This is a sadden story to me. Once a immigrant trade now turned into a commerical business. We all knew this was coming. What is next? is McD’s going to pop up on every block.

  • I managed to get my Access Granted notice today. Somehow I knew what all the sites were, aside from the arch, which I nailed on an educated guess based on what’s in the background.
    Either way, I’m now even more glad I took Super Bowl Monday off.

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    If this contest was going to be easier, then more people would be getting the Golden Ticket, no? If you really want to get access, then you would work to figure it out. Here’s a hint: use Google. That’s how we got it.

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    I was sorely disappointed by the Michael Jordan onion soup at the Restaurant Week truck, so I really really need these tickets to wash the taste out my mouth.

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    Because if you pick me, I’ll give the other ticket to someone else who posted trying to win this too. So that way, two of your readers will win and not just one!

  • I got the answers correct, but was denied anyways… I wasn’t one of the first TWENTY people to get it right. How impossibly hard must they make it?!

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