Oaxaca Grill Grand Opening is Today

A quick reminder that Oaxaca (Wa Ha Ka) Grill (on 47th btw. Park+Lex) is opening today. Though the menu screams out more Chipotle then Oaxacan cuisine I’m still temped to try their filet mignon burrito. Early adopters give us your opinion in the comments, and I’ll see you in line!


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    Just got the filet mignon. It is good, a bit more chipotle than I was hoping for. Habenero is not to hot, could be a hotter.

    All and all I will go there over chipotle more because it is closer to my work than better flavor..

    no line at 11:50

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    I tried to replicate my usual Chipotle pick (chicken fajita, little cheese, pico, hot) and I was able to get pretty close. the burrito itself, however, was not pretty close. Pretty bad.

  • What’s the opposite of good? Oh yeah, the burrito I just had from this place. Apparently I forgot to ask for some flavor.

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