Oaxaca (Wa Ha Ka) Mexican Grill Menu Reveal

Another day… another Chipotle knock off.  Oaxaca Grill, whose sign appeared a few weeks ago on 47th btw. Park+Lex, is hoping to open in just a few weeks and their menu is unsurprisingly similar to Chipotle (down to the insane calorie ranges!) There are a few notable differences though.  Clearly Oaxaca is slightly more upscale, with options like filet mignon and beef brisket.  They also have two pork options (grilled and pulled), and offer a mini burrito (10″ tortilla, instead of 12″) for those who find a full size burrito too much.  (Who are these crazy people!?!)

Check out the menu for yourself after the jump…

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Could be good, although the one beef (no pun intended) I have is they insist of following the ridiculous calorie range method employed by Chipotle.  In the calorie range provided, if you want to hit the low end of the range you have to order a tortilla with meat. That’s it.  Nothing else.  I suppose it’s slightly better than Chipotle’s, which is a tortilla w/ just beans- but come on.  Who orders a tortilla with just meat?   And can that even be considered a burrito?  Of course all will be forgiven if it tastes good…

Oaxaca (Wa Ha Ka) Mexican Grill Opening in January
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