At Lunch Now: Wu Liang Ye Protestors Now Outside Mapo Tofu


Here we go again… was on my way to Oaxaca Grill and noticed this madness outside of the newly opened Mapo Tofu (on Lex btw. 39+40th). The restaurant claims there is no connection between them and Wu Liang Ye (the former tenant), but clearly the protesters disagree. This all stems from a lawsuit in which Wu Liang Ye employees claimed to be mistreated. We’re not sure who is right or wrong, but the cops have shown up.

Check out that photo after the jump…


Wu Liang Ye Becomes “Mapo Tofu”
Workers Stage Protest Against Chinese Govt. Owned Wu Liang Ye


  • I am sure employees are right.

  • Yeah maybe, but I bet the ‘employees’ are still better off now than they were before they illegally sneaked out of china and into the USA.

    BUT, I still say — send Wu Liang Ye (or whatever he calls himself this week) back to china!

    Carry on, NYC.

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    I still say send DocChuck09 (or whatever he calls himself) back to the trailer park he crawled out of….or 1905.

    Carry on NYC.

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    Not defending uneducated hicks, however, I do believe DocChuck09 is trying to say NYC is no place for employers who abuse their employees (such as Wu Liang Ye seemed to be). He didn’t say the employees had good conditions currently or even that they deserved the treatment they were receiving but rather that it’s better than what they were getting in China. However, to assume that they’re illegals is just wrong.

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