First Look at Naya Express’ Lebanese Fast Food Menu


3rd Ave. btw. 44+45 is about to see some more action. Naya Express, the fast food offshoot of the upscale Lebanese restaurant on 2nd Ave., is getting set to open right next door to the new Five Guys. They’ll be offering soups ($4-5), pastries ($2), homemade breads topped with different stuff ($6), salads and cold appetizers ($3-9). But the main event is their roll/salad/bowl options, which can be ordered Chipotle style- as fully formed items that they’ve created, or in a “build you own” situation. If it sounds similar to Meze Grill on 8th Ave. (in a bad way), don’t worry too much… the menu looks like it’s going to be the real deal.

Check it out after the jump…

Click on image to open PDF

Click on image to open PDF

3rd Ave. Golden Krust to Become Lebanese NAYA Express
Naya Express & New Five Guys Less Than One Month Away


  • The main restaurant on 2nd Ave has fantastic style… totally on my list for suggested first dates spots. The food is great too although pricey. But to think that they will have an inexpensive, express spot… i’m so there.

  • mmmm something new with a nice looking menu full of doughy things, Kibbe for $2? not bad!

  • @fressagirl Glad you like, I’ll take you there for our first date.. play your cards right (and not talk too much about your civ pro and torts classes) i might even take you to the fancier 2nd Ave spot ;>

  • Zak, you need to do a throwdown comparison between Naya’s shawarma and Quick Delight’s. Noticeable differences: Naya’s chicken doesn’t have that nice char that’s so appealing to shawarma. It also lacks the same buttery savoriness that Quick’s has. The pita is a lot thinner. The real appeal comes with the assortment of condiments that they add. I got the works and it was pretty good. You taste different toppings with each bite. Whereas, Quick’s special green sauce seems to blend these flavors all in one. I still think that Quick Delight is the better value. But if you like fresh toppings, prefer your meats having a diet of natural feed before the slaughterhouse, and don’t mind paying more, then this is a good option on the east side.

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