Naya Express & New Five Guys Less Than One Month Away

Five Guys
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East side Midtown Lunchers are inching closer and closer to two new spots, both on 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th Street. The owner of Naya Mezze & Grill (the fancy Lebanese restaurant on 2nd Ave.) checks in to say that he hopes to have Naya Express, his fast food Lebanese offshoot, open by the end of the month.  As for their next door neighbors Five Guys, an employee at the 55th Street location says it’s two weeks away.

Five Guys is Coming to 3rd Avenue
3rd Ave. Golden Krust to Become Lebanese NAYA Express


  • It’s always a good day when a new 5 Guys opens up.

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    Great! That’s right by me, and good timing since soon the weather will make me less inclined to walk further.

  • now i will have no reason to finally go to 5 guys

  • WOW! That’s great news!

    Now ALL of the burger Ph.D.s in NYC will be tasting, evaluating, rating, photographing, performing autopsies, tweeting, and advising the world about – - – FIVE GUYS!

    Then all of us dummies here in Five Guys home territory will know for sure whether or not we want to eat a FIVE GUYS burger.

    I am SOOOoo excited!

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    Great news on 5G… I was wondering myself when it was happening.

  • man, they’re going to get soooo owned during lunch hour. service is too slow to be practical for those on the clock. love those fries though, especially when they come from Sugar City, Idaho.

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