Oaxaca (Wa Ha Ka) Mexican Grill Opening in January

Chipotle… Qdoba… Baja Fresh… and now this.  Signage has gone up next to Yushi, on 47th btw. Park+Lex, for a new place called Oaxaca (Wa Ha Ka) Mexican Grill.  I can’t seem to find much about this place online, although it may or may not have a location in San Francisco.  There is a website, and they already have Facebook and Twitter accounts (natch), but none of them have any useful info.  Oaxaca is known for their various moles, and grasshopper tacos- although I’m not holding out hope that some new Midtown fast food chain is bringing the real deal for less than $10.  Anybody heard of this place before?  Info is welcome in the comments…  in the meantime, the rest of us will just sit here mildly interested. (Thanks to Lunch’er “Yelena” for the photo.)


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