My God Midtown Really Loves Free Salad


Look at that freakin’ line!  Lunch’er “Joe” was kind enough to snap a photo of the free salad madness at Chop’t today (on B’way btw. 41+42nd) and it makes me wonder if the huge response (this photo was taken at Noon!) is a testament to how much people love salads, or how freakin’ expensive a salad has become in Midtown!  With a lin that long you’d think a salad cost $11 of something. (What’s that? They do? Wow.)

My fear of Chop’t (and salad in general) is well documented, but after seeing that line… should I be writing more about salad on Midtown Lunch? (*urgh* sorry, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.)

Chop’t is as Terrifying As You Would Think
Greek Salad From a Cart May Be The Only Salad I’ll Eat


  • no matter how good the food is, i would never wait on line for more than 3 min for free food…but that’s just me. reminds me of soviet era.

  • zach, you can get fried chicken, bacon, ranch dressing, cheese, iceberg lettuce at chop’t. nothing healthy about that

  • Steve, I recommended the same thing to Zach. haha. Yes Zach, people actually do like salad. The green kind. Not the deep fried kind. This person got a great pic.

  • I got free tomatoes, onions, and cukes from my office kitchen for free! No walking to Times Square and dealing with lines ftw.

  • I used to get free lunch from my previous company.
    I miss those days…though i gained like 10 lbs in 2 months after joining the company.

  • Zach, please don’t.

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    I was on that line. I really don’t see what’s so different except for the fact that they give you HUMONGOUS portions. I couldn’t even finish mine. To make up for it I’m gonna go that Jerk pan van and get some real food.

  • Why, pshaw, that line is longer by far, than the line of folks in Wahington D.C. waiting to sign up for food stamps. What’s goin’ on here.

  • Since you can get a salad anywhere there’s no need to discuss futher on this website. A bowl of lettuce , tomatos, and dressing doesn’t leave much room for discussion, although I hear co-workers raving about the vinigrette or croutons or whatever,screw that!

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    still the closest thing i want to a salad is a subway sandwich… not even blimpies… too much like a salad for me

  • There’s a line out the door at Chop’t on a normal day. I’m not surprised there’s a line when they’re giving them out for free.

  • wf: unless it’s artisanal salad with artisanal vinaigrette and artisinal croutons made from artisanal bread.

  • Zach,

    This had nothing to do with salad and everything to do with FREE.

    Free lunch is totally a testament to Midtown Lunch.

    There’s no reason to start writing about salads unless they are being given away.

  • agree with meyekull.

    although, sorry salad haters, raw veggies, even when covered in bluecheese and bits of bacon, is the best thing for your health. deal with it! ;)

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    My non salad lunches have been doing much better for my figure, health, and state of mind than those monster salads most of those people drown their sorrows in.

    No amount of salad will substitute for some real food.

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