Auntie Anne’s Fail; Gulluoglu Having “Issues”

It appears as if the Rock Center Cinnabon has claimed its first victim.  Blondie and Brownie is reporting that the Auntie Anne’s in the Rock Center concourse has closed. Thankfully we still have the other four Midtown locations to fall back on for our cinnamon topped, butter soaked pretzel needs.  Also in sad-pastry-news, Lunch’er “Owen” emailed in this morning to say that Gulluoglu, the amazing baklava haven on 52nd St. and 2nd Ave, is closed because of some sort of “sprinkler” issue. Might have to hit up the Turkish kiosk in Bryant Park as a temporary replacement until Gulluoglu reopens…

Photo courtesy of Blondie and Brownie.


  • Oh no! That is sad. I checked out the “Turkish Bagel” after I read your post, and it was good. Also checked out their booth at Bryant Park yesterday, and for all the veggie readers out there (haha, I know I’m probably your only veggie reader) they have a spinach crepe-like thing that looks delicious for only $6. A good lunch after skating for sure.

  • that’s funny because I was going to check out the turkish place today with my sis.
    I guess I will check out Ariyoshi then.

  • I noticed Gulluoglu was closed when I was coming back from Barros Luco. They don’t just have “sprinkler” issues. They have a big yellow DOH sticker. I’ll email you the picture.

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