BREAKING NEWS: Rock Center Cinnabon Opening Today at 4pm

The unmistakeable smell has already begun to fill the tunnels beneath Rockefeller Center, as Cinnabon prepares to open for business at 4pm.  In honor of the “grand opening” they will be handing our free coffee (today only) but the guy inside would not confirm (or deny) the possibility of free samples of cinnamon bunly goodness.

The location is not actually in the concourse, but in that underground area between buildings, next to the Dunkin Donuts just outside the Subway turnstiles.  You shouldn’t have any trouble finding it… just follow the intoxicating smell.

Thanks to Lisa C. for the tip.  If you have any news, info or recommendations- email them to


  • Cinnabon? On Midtownlunch? Come on. You should be ashamed. Not only is it a huge chain, but to my knowledge, it doesn’t even serve a real lunch. The Cinnabon entry goes against one of the very purposes of this blog, “This site will hopefully be a place for you to find the gems in a sea of duds.”

    I’m disappointed. But the Utsav post from earlier today makes up for it.

  • want cinabon, go to the mall or the airport. sure it smells great, but so bad for you. come on zach, are you really excited about this tired chain of heart attacks in a box?

  • calling you out………such anal observations….i begining to see Gay supermans point.

  • a sticky bun IS girlie food tho.

    can we have baby seal kebab tomorrow?

  • i suppose you can’t spell guilty pleasure, without guilty. but it’s not like there are cheaper, more “authentic” donuts wrapped in cinamon and covered in frosting, being sold by a mom and pop operation right around the corner.

    i’m just a fat man who loves the smell of cinnabons. is that so wrong?

  • Hey! As a girl I take offense to the reference of Cinnabon as “girlie food.” And as someone who has taken many a crappy bus trip where there’s only one stop with a slim selection of fast food joints, I can attest that a Cinnabon can qualify as a meal. Albeit a non-healthy one.
    Despite the fact that I’m not really hungry, I couldn’t help but buy one just now. Yum!

  • why offense?… is girlie food.

    You’re a self confessed girl whom eats there.Therefore Girlie food.

    Zach just cant help himself.The health risks he puts him self at just for us.

  • So much anger, so little icing.

    Did anyone actually show up and see if there are free cinnabuns?

    If so, please report back w/in next hour!

  • Considering that several males I know (sadly) claim to be unable to finish off a whole one themselves, I think it requires some substance. “Girlie food” usually implies that a strong willpower/appetite/stomach is not a requirement. Or refers to something like Pinkberry. (shudder)
    I didn’t see any freebies given away. Though the coffee may not have been done when I went, so maybe they’re giving that out by now?

  • Cinnabon! If I knew how to type that gutteral sound Homer makes when he’s thinking about something delicious, I’d make my second Simpsons joke of the day!

  • I still can’t believe that the opening of another Cinnabon location is “Breaking News” on Midtown Lunch.

    Apparently nobody is with me on this one… that’s fine.

  • I just gained 7 pounds reading this.

  • i get diabetic seizures just smelling those cinnabons

  • What is the appeal of feeling your arteries close in on you as you eat?

  • Rudy is God.

    Calling You Out is fucking boring.

  • Think we can convince the Treats Truck to make cinnamon rolls? Amy’s Bread has them, but they’re merely OK.

  • thank god, i was tired of goin down to penn plaza for a regular and a caramel pecanbon.
    cinnabons are a taste of sweet baked cinnamony icing heaven with every bite.

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